Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I make a point of reading anything of Tony Blankley's that comes before my eyes. Clear writing with logical points. In his latest, he calls Obama to task for his general hubris. "...he who presumes to be the next president." In itself it's not actually a fair point. Anyone who runs for that office is presuming. Ego is required. Then, "It was made clear several months ago that mentioning his middle name is a forbidden act." But we have the right to state the manner by which we wish to be addressed. I have a first name that I have never used. My father tried for a time to use it, as an act of invalidation and control and self-justification. I corrected his error. Point is, Obama doesn't have to be called Hussain. It's his right, and no shame in its exercise.

The issue isn't Obama's ego or his sensitivity or his desire to control. It's not his arrogance alone ... 'all those OTHER presidents on the money.' It's the fact that he is unprepared for the job he wants. He thinks that organizing a community, say, getting basketballs for a public park, is on a par with leading a nation. He supposes that voting "present" in the Illinois Assembly represents some sort of public service. He imagines that his several years in the senate has prepared him for the national stage. Agreed, he knows how to perform under the lights. He has a face suited for stage makeup. None of this is leadership.

And Blankley is spot on when he notes that, "having nothing honorable to say, Obama warned his followers last week that Sen. McCain would try to scare voters by pointing to Obama's 'funny name' and the fact that 'he doesn't look like all the presidents on the dollar bills.'" The Magic Negro can both read minds and tell the future. How very low. Far be it from your humble servant to confirm the fact that my opponent is scum.

Obama's name? Any of them? They are subject to mockery. My last name is a not-uncommon noun that occurs in some number of songs. How bothersome, on the schoolyard. My first name is increasingly common, but was unheard of when I was a child, and I have never related to it. The name I use here, Jack ... well, you can make your own joke, about jack. So Obama has the right to express his preference. He even has a right to complain. But to try to score points on this issue -- it doesn't indicate an intellect that I'd want on our side of a negotiation table.

Obama "has made it clear that the mere use of His name would be freighted with coded innuendoes of something too horrible to say straightforwardly." More racism on our part, you see. He don't look like no president on the money, see, cuz he's a nigra. An he gots that name, like that A-rab raghead dicktater we hung who wuz behind that Twin Towers thang in Jew York. Blankley goes on to suggest that Obama has a god-complex. Nothing new in that suggestion. God tells us what name to use -- I Am -- and so does Obama. In any case, Obama would be a pretty dictatorial god, who REQUIRES more than he could give.

So many thou shalt nots. Thou shalt not blaspheme His ineffable name. Thou shalt not mention His Consort, the Michelle, and thou shalt ignore the fact that Michelle took the public stage, made political speeches, works powerfully and actively to advance her and her husband's agendas. He REQUIRES so much of us. What does he give us? Hope? Change? Ability? So far it's all promises. The Obama religion is all about faith, and he didn't even create a universe, to demonstrate his power. He has created nothing but a movement, the way a tent creates a circus.

I used the sarcastic term, Magic Negro. It is unfair, except for this: Obama is where he is solely because of the fact that he has African blood. This makes him a symbol, rather than a man. He is the screen onto which liberals and people of naive goodwill project their hopes. This is human nature, and not to be scoffed at. Obama, though, buys into it himself. Such blindness. The light of his own radiance has dazzled him. This in itself disqualifies him from the office he covets.

Blankley sums it up: "It is repulsive to see such a mentality in a man who would be president." So beautiful. So repugnant. Like a serpent. Perhaps he is a god, of sorts.


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