Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ninety-eight Point Four Eight Percent

And here's another reason that Sarah is so bad. She applied for earmarks. Imagine, a governor of a state looking for ways to get federal monies. It's just disgusting. And unpatriotic. Cuz she's looking out for the people she's been elected to represent, and that's bad, y'see, cuz earmarks are bad, like John McCain says, so she's a hypocrite. Git it? Cuz John McCain is always right, except when we disagree with him, which is always, I guess, cuz us lefties is always right. Lefty righty.

I couldn't be wrong in my thinking. That would be impossible.

But they are.

It has to do with roles. The prosecutor is hired to assign guilt. The public defender is hired to establish innocence. They both work for the same system. It's not at all confusing. It has to do with balancing things out, a sort of dynamic tension -- not a stagnation, not festering and putrefying, like the digestive tract of a meat-eater. Government should be laxative.

We have a federal system. Federal, which means many parts making up a whole. From many, one. Insofar as it's meaningful to say so, it's something like the Trinity. Three persons, one God -- 57 states, 2 countries. Um. Oh, sorry, I was thinking like Obama and Edwards there for a moment. My bad.

Point is, Sarah was looking out for her state, by seeking earmarks. Now she's on a national ticket, and has to look out for the nation as a whole. This is not a difficult idea. Again, it's like a judge whose child comes into his court. Say, drunk driving. As a father, he wants mercy. As a judge, he wants justice, or at least law. Alas, the judge role must prevail; when he dons the robe, he takes on that responsibility, at the expense of personal preference. That's why we have the concept of recusing oneself. There is no contradiction here, no double-standard, no flip-flopping, no hypocrisy. Why is that so difficult to understand?

Which brings us to Obama. He's saying that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. I won't analyze the specifics, the triviality of many of the issues, and I won't point out the many times McCain has broken ranks. I won't point out that Bush doesn't vote. I won't point out that Obama has "voted" with Bush 40% of the time, making him almost neutral, almost indifferent, almost lukewarm, by his warm and fuzzy math. See? I haven't pointed any of that out. You must have imagined it.

I will point out that Obama has voted hardcore liberal 98.484848...% of the time. Sixty-five of his sixty-six core-issue votes were leftist. Call it 99%. Obama may say he wants change. Change into what? Cuba? North Korea? Some other leftist paradise? Trailing in the wake of his vast vanguard as he does, heaven only knows what we might expect.

His standard bearer Bill Ayers will light the way? Bill Ayers, who as a Weatherman participated in more domestic terrorist bombings than all the islamists combined? Bill Ayers, who in 1974 executed his own 9/11 terrorist bombing, on the Anaconda Building? In case that's unclear, he engineered this particular one of many bombings on September 11, 1974. Admittedly it's no Twin Towers, but equally symbolic, owned as it was by the Rockefeller Corporation. Light the way indeed, with incendiary incandescence.

His prophet will proclaim his truth? The reverend Wright? Alas, Obama's faith is foresworn, his prophet proven false, for all that there were fervent oaths of eternal fidelity. “I can no more disown him than I can disown the black community.” [Second 1:04] Spiritually rudderless, then, must Obama follow those who have set his course.

His conscience will guide him then? Tony Rezco? The ethos of Chicago politics? It is true that Sarah plays hardball -- firing those who do not support her goals. Her office allows it. I see it as a good thing, in responsible hands. We do not clutch the viper to our breast. But Chicago, for all its many virtues, is the Babylon of American politics. Have we found its Whore?

The joke of it all is that the most inexperience, and thus the least qualified presidential candidate since Warren G. Harding now seeks the highest office of the greatest country in the world, and his campaign theme seems to be that McCain isn't enough of a maverick and Sarah is too much like himself.

Not since Dan Quayle has such a poor political choice been made, in that case by a single man, in this, by the ponderous bulk of the primordial left. For all his virtues, Quayle lacked the necessary gravitas. Obama has manufactured his own sinuous persona out of glib quips and rotund rhetorical flourishes clipped out by his sonorous baritone. I'd rather someone with sound values misspell potatoe, no matter mitigating circumstances, than someone who makes himself sound right even on the things he is hopelessly wrong about.

Bill Ayers states that he wishes he'd done more terrorism. Obama has not disowned him, as he did his former mentor and pastor. What is it that's stopping Ayers from doing more now, though? Can't he do still more damage, as he wishes to do? The answer is, yes. Yes he can. This time from within the system. How can he do more damage to the country and way of life he hates? Well, he's supporting Obama, isn't he? As Obama supports him.

That says it all.


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nanc said...

jack h. - there is a fundamental difference between the left and the right - the left seeks to shape the truth to fit themselves and the right seeks to shape themselves to fit the truth.

my thought for the day.