Monday, November 3, 2008

America Has B.O.

I expect so, tomorrow. A catastrophe? Only if Carter was. But this isn't the important election. That was four years ago. We recover from economic problems. Losing a war, not so much. Kerry would have committed a treason that Obama probably won't have the chance to match. He will pull us out of Iraq, but Iraq is pretty much stabilized. That's the big deal.

It's why Bush is not a disaster as a president. Big Medicine, what with that old folks program of his ... open borders, for all that the right managed to stop him -- Bush was conservative on only a few things. Abortion. The war. Uh, um, maybe some other things. But he finally found the strategy for the war. No blame there. Lincoln took years to find his Grant, and in the meantime he had to put up with the disastrous McClellen. McClellen wanted a huge army, that didn't fight; Rumsfeld wanted a small army, that didn't have to fight. Both, not the right strategy for its own particular war. These things take time. Maturity understands about that.

As for Obama, he's another Kennedy. Kennedy-lite. Maybe a Teddy. Sort of weak, sort of vacillating, likely to get a few things right, although what I can't think. Kennedy lowered taxes, and did manage to take a stand with the commies. Obama will raise taxes -- maybe to Kennedy levels. And he will, in a bidenly way, make decisions when we're attacked within six months, mark my words, that we think are wrong and cannot understand (doesn't that have a sort of Antichrist feel to it?). But nobody is wrong all the time. That would be ridiculous to say.

Obama cants about fundamental change. A revolution, then. But he doesn't understand about hydrodynamics and momentum and how hard it is to turn around an aircraft carrier. To turn America around he's got to figure a way to counteract continental drift. Think he's that smart? I don't. And in two years, the idiot Republicans will stumble their way back into control of Congress. Wonder if they'll recognize it from their asses.

See? It's not a disaster. What is disconcerting is how desperately stupid Americans are. They think this is a good choice. There's no doubt things need to be shaken up. But Obama? Why, he's a baby-killer. A socialist. A closet Black Theology racist. A, uh, a liberal.

No, he's a guy on the make. Left, assuredly. So a couple of years of carnaval. Let the drag queens wear their big purple-feather headdresses and dance in the streets. They'd do it anyway, and we're beyond being shocked. We'd like to not have to pay for their waxing and their genital duct tape though.

Ah well. If I had known that all it took to be president was a smooth voice and a flair for imagery, well, I'd have ... I'd have ... hell, I should already be president. Damn. Why did I have to be born white.



chuck e' boy said...

Wouldn't it be just like God to give us this guy and then change HIM while in office?

Or have the 40+ million abortions precluded that at this late date?

Jack H said...

Well, Herod got saved.

Oh, no, wait ... he exploded into maggots. But that was a different Herod. The baby killer one went down in history as a great builder. So, uh ... I forget what my point was.

bob k. mando said...

But nobody is wrong all the time. That would be ridiculous to say.

no, it's perfectly reasonable.

here's how i phrase it:
"Every retard and moron is right once in a while. To be wrong all the time, you have to be really damn good".

i've even grown up around a few of those. leftist, Monkeywrenchers ( cheerleaders for Monkeywrenchers anyways ), Earth First, feminist, homo rights, etc, etc.

after a while you come to the realization that it's not an accident that every position they choose is Anti-Constitutional.

Jack H said...

Oh pshaw. You just know you're wrong. They don't wear their clothes inside out, do they? So there you go then. Not wrong all the time. QED.

bob k. mando said...

They don't wear their clothes inside out, do they?

yep, woven out of hemp too.

so wrong they don't even to breathe oxygen.

what, you're the only one permitted artistic license in here?

[looks around]

hmh, i guess it is your joint after all.