Friday, January 2, 2009


On a whim I picked up a book on the Menorah and the Hebrew alphabet, connections with the Bible. It's the sort of thing I like. The book makes only a fair case. Insufficiently argued, and without the citations and verbatim rabbinical quotes that I'd like. More inferential than direct. Of course it would have to be that way, but if I were researching it you can bet it would be a much tighter presentation. Still, it's worth a look. Premise is that where ever there is a grouping or list of seven in the Bible, the middle represents Jesus -- the center lamp of the menorah, the Shamash, or Servant Candle. Well. A case can be made.

It got me to thinking though, about patterns and symmetries. From 70 to 135 AD -- from when the Temple was destroyed by the Romans until the Jewish Nation was banned from the land of Israel -- were 65 years. From when the Jewish people were gathered again into the land of Israel in 1948 until the Temple is rebuilt ... well, we don't know, do we. It hasn't happened yet. But 65 years is a number with a precedent, wouldn't you say? No, I haven't named a date. I'm just playing.

2013 is an interesting date. Consider the times. A worldwide economic disaster. A charismatic and inspirational young leader at the head of the most powerful country on the globe, who offers change and hope and change. A vast unrest among the populations of the most developed nations, demanding that the planet be saved. Widespread expectations of cosmic import -- alien contact taken as a foregone conclusion -- some world-shattering upheaval set to occur according to the Mayan calender in the year 2012. Israel, encircled like a ram by wolves, troubled once again by the viper at its heel. The ancient land of Babylon and its peer, Persia, made dynamic by ideology and oil and the power of the atom. It's blowing in the wind, my friend. The times they are a-changing.

There's the Russian guy who for decades has been predicting civil war and disintegration in the USA. His date has always been 2010, after which the six US fragments will be divided among Europe and Mexico and Canada and Russia and China and Japan. Seems unlikely. None of these blocs are used to dealing with an armed populace. Can you imagine Texas controlled by Mexico? True, Mexico has far more people, as the Alamo reminds us. But the Alamo didn't get reinforcements. Americans can never be dominated by some foreign power. Not for long. Maybe seven years or so. Certainly no more.

As I see it, America, shining in its sea, is the center candle of the world, from which all the other nations draw their light. Too grand a vision, I know, but that's just me. It must be an idle coincidence that the discoverer of this continent, aside from those anonymous seafarers who plowed the waves before him, was named Christopher Columbus. Christopher means 'Bearer of Christ', and Columbus, well, what is a lampstand but a sort of column? But that's just me again, with my odd mind, seeing castles where others see clouds. I'm the guy who reconstructed the single pre-Flood world continent and saw in its shoreline the figure of a descending Dove. Brooding, as it were.

But I could go on and on. Maybe it's just the fact that anything can be connected to anything else. I don't know what that would prove, though, either about the malleability of interpretation, or of reality as it is. Commonsense after all is confounded by the fact that there is a God.



Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the ancient Hebraic view of prophecy and fulfillment is PATTERN with many fulfillments and one ultimate fulfillment, and not simple fulfillment as in the Greek linear way of interpretation, which the Western church erroneously adopted around the time of Augustine and advanced through the Scholastics and other Roman Catholic herecies.

Jack H said...

The Law of Multiple Fulfillment. There are many antichrists who come. Wny not many prophecies of their coming?

nanc said...

if it's the book by j.r. church, i'm on my third time reading it - i did a post on this myself a week or so ago when chanukkah began.

the servant candle - brings light to the world!

bob k. mando said...

Seems unlikely. None of these blocs are used to dealing with an armed populace.

much less are they used to dealing with a military with enough nuclear weapons to glass them over.

even if i stipulate to the basic tenets of that Russky's forecast, his projection as to how the US will fail is absurd.

the NE and Left coasts would not secede from a United States of Obama, he is their president.

China to gain control of California? clearly, he has no concept of the demographics at play. La Raza instituting secession referendums? possible. China, no.

Russia getting Alaska? pure fantasy. unless you also stipulate that somehow the White House / US Mil is going to lose control of our nukes. do you see this happening? i don't.

Jack H said...

It's a truly uninformed analysis. Not serious enough for me to respond to.

Yes, it's the book by Church. I got it off your site. :-)