Sunday, February 8, 2009

Up Is Down

So what if we fund abortion? So what if Obama has reversed the funding of international groups that perform abortions. So what? There's no blood on our hands, if we object to the idea. And we can just suppose that the tiny fraction of a penny that comes out of our individual tax dollars is washed clean in the general coffers, and we bear no responsibility for how it's spent. Are pacifists responsible for the bombs and bullets used in our wars? Innocents die in wars, undoubtedly -- we all agree on that fact ... whereas there's a real debate as to whether abortion causes any harm at all, to real humans. I mean, there certainly is a debate about it. Otherwise there'd be no debate, and we'd just be killing babies, or not, depending. Depending on what we all agreed was the truth, if there is such a thing.

And gays in the military. So what. Honestly, so what. How is it any different than the race segregation in the military, that Truman ended? Race, sexual preference -- so what? I take showers at the Y. Some of the guys are black. Some are gay. So what? They see my penis? I don't care. They have opinions? I don't care. Sex on military bases is proscribed, straight or gay. How does it matter, then.

These social issues -- aren't we past them yet? Toleration is required, after all. Not of really bad things. Not of bad things at all, but what is bad? Where's the harm? And who's to say what's bad? Such a kindergarten word, "bad." Are we dogs, to care about bad? And bad means good, in casual speech. Now Bush was bad -- a bad speaker, I mean. Bad bad bad. It will be such a relief to have a good speaker in that office. Really it will. Hardly even matters what he says. He'll say it well.

Gays, abortions -- these are sex issues. Sex is private. Except that marriage is public, and tax dollars are public, and public policy is public -- so I'm not sure what my point is. It must be that now it's their turn. We had power for quite a while, and the world was not changed for the better. Now it's their turn, the gay advocates and the abortionists and their sympathizers. Being sympathetic is a good thing. And they could hardly do a worse job, eh? And even if they do, they'll make it sound good, and have an explanation and someone to blame, and take responsibility, sort of, or at least convincingly place it where it might belong, at our own doorstep. That's the American way after all -- self-reliance. So Left is Right and good is bad, and black is white, and hot is cold, and yea is nay, and gay is serious. A much more tolerant way of living, and let live. Depending.

Yesterday it was reported that Obama wants the Director of the Census to report directly to the White House. Now why would he want to politicise that office? And we're spending a trillion dollars on yardwork and filing cabinets.

Still, nothing to worry about. Why worry? The world keeps spinning, the tides keep rolling. The only thing we can change is the weather. And Obama will save us from that. This is the moment, after all, when the rise of the oceans begins to slow and our Planet begins to re-freeze. A new sun is rising, all light and no heat. Now is the summer of our discontent made glorious winter by this son of pork. We're saved. Saved from the straights and the baby-lovers and the carbon criminals and the misers. Hurrah.


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