Monday, March 9, 2009

Cluck Cluck

This is why I hardly read politics anymore. A stampede toward a cliff. With somebody cracking the whip from behind. Entropy isn't enough it seems. He has to be actually stupid. But he looks really good doing it.

How many friends should we alienate, in the hope of making other friends? How much goodwill should we fritter away? After all, isn't that the complaint from the left, for these past number of years? That, and stupidity in High Office? The world turned upside down. Sadly, Senator Obama lacks sufficient world experience to understand the intimate nature of our relationship with Great Britain. Perhaps he sees nothing amiss in throwing over old loyalties when they become uncomfortable. I can't off the top of my head think of anything like that, from our titular head of state, but perhaps something will come to mind, like chickens coming home to roost, or an old lady crossing the street to avoid emotional discomfort. Perhaps I'm wrong though; our new leader may be the very exemplar of loyalty, in all things save foreign relations. Heh heh -- why, that's like us! -- we're a sort of foreign relation, aren't we, to Mr. Obama! LOL.

What am I talking about? Obama had the chance to meet the British PM, Gordon Brown. Such a first meeting between PM and Pres is customarily done in the Rose Garden. I seem to have heard that Obama was, um, er, ahem, well, y'see, he was tired. Takes a lot of energy to look so good. He's the best dressed man in the world, don't you know. It's official! Next stop, Nobel Prize! If he's not too tired. Ah well, we need not read so very much into a more subdued meeting. Hardly anyone noticed. Only Great Britain and her friends and enemies.

Another tiny clue, though, that might suggest a less than tropical warmth emanating from the White House: Obama's gift to Brown was a stack of DVDs. The picture that springs into my mind is the wire bin at the supermarket. Brown gave Obama a pen holder carved from the hull of a Royal Navy warship that fought to eradicate the slave trade. Perhaps this offended Obama, who may have taken it as a reference to his slave-trading Moslem ancestors? You'd think he'd at least have the political savvy to pretend to value the gift, as a token nod to his natural base. Not being a descendant of slaves should not really work against him, you'd think. I don't know. It's sort of confusing to me. Not many slaves in Norway, you see. It's not in my blood. And we know, from the Obama ethos, of race-guilt, that blood will tell. Roosting chickens, don't you know.

And then there's Churchill, the beautiful Churchill. Obama ordered the bust that had graced the Oval Office returned to the British Embassy. Was it on loan? "Dear England so called "Great" Britain and Oppressed/Exploited Colonies -- Thank you very much for this head of that old man who hated India and was such a racist, and now that I'm in power you can just have it back, along with a bill for all the slavery you are responsible for. Pay up, bitches. Yours truly, President of the United Slaves I mean States, what, you think race is always on my mind? -- ahem, uh, Pr president of of of the U u united States of um uh America Barack H Obama, Saviour."

If you don't get it, I just don't have the patience anymore to explain it. History is not full of great men. It's full of mediocrity and evil. The world is mostly sea level, and there are very few tallest mountains, for all that they should get noticed. What manner of mind is it that doesn't notice tall mountains? Oh, did I just explain it? -- after I said I didn't have the patience? My bad. So that's why the First Edition of an acclaimed multi-volume biography of Churchill was also not a gift likely to be appreciated by the current occupant of the White House. Not much of a reader, it turns out. Imagine that.

To all my black and leftist readers, I hasten to affirm that my distress over the current political power-sharing structure in our eastern capital arises from the fact that Obama is black. Man I hate those blacks -- well, not the good ones, but the uppity ones. Why can't it be the way it used to be, back when everyone knew their place? Cuz I'm blond, you know, and we're the best. If Obama disrespects Norway, man am I ever gonna be mad. Can't wait. Cuz I've discovered the joy of collecting grievances, and I'll be sending Obama my reparations bill any time now.



Linda said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog. I laugh out loud every time I read one of your posts. I haven't read them all, and probably won't, but the ones I've looked at to date have been hilarious.

Jack H said...

Well thank you kindly. Some of them do get a tad dark, but that's just me. Pleased to hear that you get it. Not everyone does.