Friday, March 20, 2009

A Correspondence

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signed, Eddie Editor


Dear E --

I'm not sure you actually found the blog you were looking for. I'm flattered by the sincerity of your interest, but it seems a little imbalanced, and I cannot see what could have elicited the passion you obviously feel. Ignoring the necessary exaggeration that an agitated state of emotion might cause, your particular complaints against me are troublesome, since they have the curious quality of being both vague, and eerily specific to me. I do indeed explore such themes as loss and gender confusion, and the clear position I take on certain political issues have been known to evoke such epithets as "hater".

I think though that your remarks are only coincidentally apposite, an implausibility made more likely by the universal application of my themes. The posts and personas I adduce here are merely guises of Everyman and his existential dilemma, of how to find meaning, how to live honorably, how to maintain courage, in a world that exhibits so little of rationality or love. This being the case, you may do well to go through this blog with more care than you might otherwise have been inclined to do, and examine your conscience to see if what you have written against me has anything of justice in it.

I am a deeply flawed man, and an artist of limited appeal. That I use the instances of my life and the foibles of my character as the colours of my canvass most certainly makes me vulnerable to the barbs of those who are inclined to be critics rather than patrons. But it hardly seems just, that the man should be attacked, rather than his work. If I fall short as an artist, it is not for want of effort. I bring my best here, every day. If I fall short, it is not malice that makes it so. If I am a plodding amateur, an artless hack, a graceless middlebrow, well, I have made no serious claim on fame or success, that would suggest I think myself worthy of more notice than I have attained. Surely no thoughtful person could have mistaken my opéra bouffe Falstaff, my pantomime egotist as anything more than a humble and perhaps inept attempt at irony?

I appreciate your candor and passion, and the purity of your attempt to communicate. I value all sincere efforts of self-expression, and I like to think that I try diligently to understand the deepest meaning behind the words. If there is anything I have left undone in this regard, please understand that you are most welcome here, and I look forward to hearing any additional thoughts you might wish to share. Until such time, I remain, with highest regards,

Very Truly Yours,


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