Saturday, March 7, 2009


Oh yeah, I am going to your party. I only found out about it by tricking someone, accidentally tricking someone, and the one reason I'm going is that no one wants me there. Deal with it. The only fun I'm gonna have will be in making sure no one else has any. You, with your constant prying and questions. So how was your day? Was it nice? What did you do? What's your favorite color? What are you having for dinner. It's constant, a constant barrage, invading my space, demanding, prying, pressing -- more more more, so you can get inside my head and use it all against me. Don't think I don't know what's going on. All those phony smiles, as if you cared. It's really sick. What could you possibly get out of it? Your betrayals, planning and planning, plotting, scheming, looking for some opening, some weakness. But there aren't any. I can't be fooled. Not any more, never again, not again. Now it's my turn, and I've been watching and collecting from the very beginning. Any time now, and you'll never know until it's too late, I'll spring my own trap, on you. You thought you were so clever. You thought I bought it. Makes me laugh, you were so obvious. Transparent. Like a little child telling lies. I played along, because every one of your lies told me something more about you -- a little peephole into the stinking mud puddle of your mind. Because you let me know what was important to you. See? Stupid? Now I know. Did you think it was safe? -- do you imagine it was wise? Wise? Well now it's my turn. And everything you hold dear, everything you thought was yours, you thought was safe -- there is no safety. There's only me, everywhere you look, and it will be a pleasure, taking it from you, stripping the flesh off your bones. Can't wait. It will be delicious. And all the tears and dismay you fantasied from me -- you'll be the one who suffers. You know what that's called, right? It's called justice. I never thought there could be such a thing. But there will be, when I'm finally through. There won't be anything left standing. Does that sound like hell to you? Well you're wrong. This is hell. When the world looks like a burned stump, that will be paradise. You think it's a joke? Do you feel like laughing? No? No? Think of what's precious to you. Hold it in your mind. Got it? Do you see it? Is it there? Now see it falling into my hands. Oh my. You look a little upset. How sad for you. Hope you're not too disturbed. That would be such a shame. Such a pity. By the time I'm done, there won't be enough dirt in the world to bury the horror.

You should have invited me to your party. Too late for apologies.


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