Monday, April 27, 2009


Mohammad the murdering false "prophet" worshiped Satan under the name of Allah. Allah is mostly a made-up boogyman, but any reality behind it/him is demonic. It's what Satan always does, try to set himself up as God. The Arabs were just unlucky enough to be pagans at the time the child-raping sodomite Mohammad became possessed by whichever evil spirit took control of his weak and corrupt mind. It might have happened to anyone, any race with sufficiently backwards ways. But looking at the total sum of evil, it's safe to say that Mohammad is worse than Hitler.

Now. That was a sort of hate-speech. I don't hate, here. I feel no emotion about it at all. It is very likely to arouse hatred however, in moslems. You know what we call people who cannot control their emotions about other people's opinions, right? We call them, at best, fools; beyond that, they become criminals. I mean every word of what I said. Mohammad was a monster. Allah is, if anything, Satan. That's my opinion. I believe it.

But hate? It's not about my emotion. My statements, regardless of any possible truth or falseness, are obnoxious. I have the right to have obnoxious opinions. It is not discourtesy to have dissenting views. It is discourtesy to forbid them. I do not shout. You do not have to listen, and the context may be such that it's appropriate to ask me to keep my opinion to myself. That's what civility is.

The UN recently gave its support to "a global Islamic blasphemy law." I'm conflicted. I'm not against blaspheming Islam. But I'd rather not be compelled. ... Oh. Wait. Oh, I think what they mean is "anti-blasphemy laws." Hm. Sort of an anti-truth law, then. Sort of an establishment of religion thing going on here, non? You know, you can only really blaspheme what is true. You can't make meaningful false statements about what is false. You can be wrong, but so what? I don't care if you say 2 plus 2 is 5, or it's 3. Not meaningful. Feeling and truth are two different things, only sometimes intersecting.

I recently had contact with a fool. After a while I found it degrading, like looking into someone else's unflushed toilet bowl. We have to learn these lessons again and again. So when dealing with the atheist, the moslem, the fanatic, the egotist, the neurotic, it's a matter of identifying the teachability of the person, speaking truth, simply, and then, if need be, leaving. You can't instruct a closed mind. You can't raise them up; they can drag you down. The atheist does not love truth, or rationality, or reality. They love their opinion and their judgments and their emotions, all the while denying it.

Moslems are just people who believe a false religion. But that's almost everyone. It isn't their belief that matters to me. It's conduct. Alas, their conduct, on the public stage, and in history, is repressive. Most peoples and religions have had that same problem at one time or another, and will again. Such a shame, the way human nature and the world is. Problem is, moslems are outbreeding the rest of us, and at current rates will control Europe within 40 years. That's would be no big deal, except these breeders are the backward ones, and their children are the same. Even that isn't such a big deal, except that they bring their third world with them. If they believed in freedom and science and that sort of thing, well, okay then. But they don't.

Same problem with Mexico. A steady stream into the US of Mexicans is fine. We can assimilate them. A flood is a different thing altogether. See? Culture is just a word for our way of life. Video games and recreational vehicles are all very nice, but that's not our way of life. Our way of life is embodied in the freedom to both believe and say that Mohammad was a lying or insane or evil or delusional dictator, and Allah will eventually spend eternity in a lake of fire.

The fact that the UN doesn't understand this tells us that it does not love freedom. It loves power. It seems so strange, or at least ironic, that the Left and its lapdog liberals pretend to love freedom. There is nothing or little more oppressive than legislated speechcodes. PC. But because the Left dominates all mass media save talk radio, they convince shallow thinkers that they are about freedom. They are the enemy of liberty. Like the UN. Yes, sometimes we do find it expedient to treat with the enemy. But it is the enemy, and that's another truth that must be held close. It can't come as a surprise: enemies smile.



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Jack H. for President.

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It's only right.