Friday, May 29, 2009


Our next Supreme Court justice will be named Sotomajor. Well, she is named Sotomayer -- what I mean is that Sotomoyour will be our next Supreme Court justice. Don't know much about her. I know what we all know, that she thinks she's more qualified than a white male, because of her race and her gender. A "wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who has lived that life."

She told the world this in a speech. Well, she told a gathering of La Raza in a speech, and it leaked out. Not the fact that she's cozy with La Raza, that's not what leaked out -- it's well known. The content of her speech, published as I seem to have heard in a law journal catering to La Raza. La Raza is a term that means, in Ms Sotomayeurs's native and authentic language, "The Race". Those of us not of The Race may find such an exclusionary term somewhat offensive, or at least off-putting, but we need to have a larger perspective than this.

Spics are like that. They have special words for things, with special meanings, that we non-spics aren't allowed to be offended by.



Oh, spic? No no, heh heh, when I say spic, it has a special, non racist meaning. It's a contraction, of hiSPanIC. Just a convenient way of addressing something, as when I say isn't rather than is not. I think we're past disapproving of contractions by now, aren't we?

Anyway, this racist bitch thinks that her decisions will be wiser, more probative, not because of her understanding of the principles of law, or jurisprudence, or the precepts of justice, but because of her experience as a minority minority. You know how it is, them tribal village people is close to the earth. It's in their blood. They're just wise, is all. And females, they're connected with the life force. That's what I mean when I say bitch. It's in honor of her progenerative powers, whether realized or not. I don't know if the bulldyke has any kids or not. And when I say racist I mean hispanic, as in La Raza. Of course. Words mean what I want them to mean. Like empathy.

I thought it the instant I heard it, and then I heard other people have the same idea. If a man, a white man were to say he was specially qualified, specially qualified, to be a SCJ because he was a white man -- well, that would on the face of it disqualify him from the position. It's a stupid thing to say. Genuinely stupid, that automatically calls into question his judicial temperament. He places himself over the law, and over the principles of justice.

The thing of it is, that's what principles are -- they are outside of and above experience. They are what experience turns to for understanding, as emotion must look to reason. Sotomayor, in a carefully if not well thought out public speech, told us everything we need to know about her. She told us the future. We know her decision on every case that she will hear. It will be decided on her experience as an hispanic female. Law school will not factor in to the matter, save as it pertains to her formative years in junior high, when those blond boys laughed at her bow legs.

There have been worse, or as bad, justices. We've had outright racists on the bench before, many times. Tanney, chief justice, appointed by Jackson, lasted until the Civil War, and gave us the Dred Scot decision, which, as far as the SC played in the matter, caused the Civil War. We've already had our Dred Scot decision, in Roe v Wade -- about non-humans who have no rights that a white woman is bound to honor. Because we are enlightened, we've dropped the white. Completely, it seems, so that now non-white is just better, wiser, smarter, stronger.


Now, for the first time in my life, I'm questioning whether I've been right all this time, thinking that blond was superior. Could I have been wrong? It, it seems impossible. Surely her racism is not right, and mine wrong? Isn't all racism right? -- or wrong? Since we're throwing out reason and objectivity and the principles of justice, I just don't know what to think. I find it strangely liberating.

We find meaning where we may. Soto and mayor might mean several things, in Spanish. In context, I take them to mean "Great Swamp".


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