Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nappy-headed Governor's-daughters

The backlash against Letterman is rising. Now there's a serious effort at boycotting him, and getting him fired. You may have been fortunate enough to have read my opinions on the matter, here and here. If not, I urge you to rush to read these vital and brilliant pieces -- they will change your life.

If you look at the latest round here, it seems clear that this is an opportunity to be exploited. Letterman is a true anti-conservative, and we have noticed it. Some are pretending to believe that the Letterman attack was against the 14 year old. That's just obviously wrong, and I think it's dishonest and cynical. Like Letterman. Can't say how dishonest he is, but cynical, and exploitative. He uses his visibility and quick wit and staff of writers to attack in at truly biased way. Bad marketing, if nothing else -- half his potential audience strongly disagrees with him. That's not entertainment. It's ill-grace. We're not visiting his program, he's visiting our homes.

Consequences? He'll take what he gets, of course. What does he deserve? A beating at the hands of Todd Palin. Boycotts? Firings or suspensions? That seems to be the standard, at least sometimes. Imus. Michael Richards. Say "nappy-headed hos" or "nigger" and face long-term unemployment. Question is, is it just race groups who get protected by outrage? Isn't it also young girls whose fiances knock them up and then jilt them? Is it open season on vulnerable teenagers, teenage mothers, just because they are the offspring of conservative pols? It's really low. And Letterman still doesn't get it, the fact that the real outrage isn't about his attacking a 14 year old -- that's just a pose.

For the sake of balance, then, it may not be a bad thing for Letterman to take a hit. I would say, Just get over it. But it's not my call, not my family, not my cause. What I would like to see is honesty on the side of those purporting to be aggrieved. The Palins have a pass. But the interest groups should be upfront. Letterman was obviously referring to the daughter with the sexual past. It's worse, that way, perhaps. It makes him not just a pig, but a hypocrite.


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