Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gatesgate...No, Gatesaquiddick

You will know more about it than I do. This Gates things, the Harvard professor who accused the cop of racial profiling. A cop simply asks a man to show ID, and any possibility of civility is incinerated in an instant incandescent blast of rage. Well, what with all this newfangled technology nowadays, we have a really good idea as to what actually happened. I regret to say it, but you know it's true: it's a clear case of an uppity nigger. What. What. Oh, I see. It's okay for Gates to be racist, but nobody else can be? That's racist, is what that is, and I just won't have it.

Gates's go-to, his default position, his factory setting is racist. He has any problem at all, and it's because of racism, someone else's racism. It's like a bucket of water over the door. Any movement and you get drenched. And it's your fault. Cuz you're racist, and the fact that you're wet proves it. I'm sure not all Harvard professors of African-American history need be racist. I'm sure it's not absolutely required. There must be scholars who are actually interested in that specialty-niche of history, rather than just cynically using a convenient prestigious platform from which they can spew poison. Right? Every race has representatives who have integrity and honor. Gates simply isn't one of them.

Of course Obama is racist too, leaping to the side of his "friend", the Chief Executive taking sides before he has taken the slightest pains to inform himself in a fairminded way of the facts. Yes, that might be mistaken for friendship, but what is racism but a sort of friendship with your race. Odd how Obama totally abandons the white mother and white grandparents who raised him for the black father who abandoned him. Makes you wonder what he'll do as president -- since his loyalties are so confused, you see. A shame that he has to work out his internal identity conflicts on such a public stage. I do it anonymously in an obscure blog.

Does it matter? No more than any other shameful display of stupidity and racist favoritism. In this case, the cop, Sgt. Crowley, is covered, and he appears to have enough sense of self to not crumple under the racial attacks of his mayor and his governor and his president -- all black, and all on record as taking sides against him, despite the evidence of witnesses and technology and common sense. Sgt. Crowley, and Gates, have been invited by Obama to tea at the White House. Two against one. But silver-tongued pols and pompous pedagogues can leave no more mark on an honorable man than dogs can leave slobber on your hand. It is sort of unclean, but it washes off.

Obama's true colors are showing through. That's a shame. A crying shame. The problem is that we always elect politicians. It's inevitable, since honest men won't run, or when they do, they can't communicate, if you get my meaning. Still, it's the best of a bad situation. Because the opposite of politics is dictatorship. You know, where the guy in charge only has to please himself. Is there a third way? Oh, oops -- that's clinton's thing ... an especially cynical form of politics. Is there a fourth way then? Yes, but the Lord delays His coming. Until then, we have to settle for back-slapping hacks and self-seeking opportunists, and an admirable few who view elected offices as a public trust.

It's enough to make you sick. But that's why it's corruption.


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