Friday, August 7, 2009

Killing Abortionists

I'm conflicted. Because abortionists definitely need to be killed. They just do. Am I wrong? Call me mad, but I don't think so. I don't mean some doctor who does an abortion. Maybe there was a good reason? There is after all a good reason -- life of the mother. And anacephalism is a pretty big gray area that's decidedly skewed toward the black. There's a difference between viability of a fetus, and viability of a baby. A womb is, after all, more than just an incubator; it is a crib, for humans with brains. But as I have said, we do not decide general principles on the difficult cases. So it isn't the procedure per se, and it's not the vanishingly small instances of an undeniable greater good. It's the mass production of death -- the disassembly line of unwanted infants.

We know this is true, every one of us does, because of a simple common question. Are you going to keep it? They don't ask, is the fetus viable. Yes, we all do, all of us, know what abortion is for. Convenience. Parenthood is such a sacrifice -- in the word calibration of Obama, it is a punishment.

Lots of concentration camp apparatchiks were hanged after WWII. It's not like social norms justify monstrous behaviour. The mass slaughter, one at a time for a fee, is not acceptable to a civilized conscience. And yet, Roe v Wade, and its blood sacrifice priesthood.

So, killing abortionists. Usually it's morons who do it. It's about the emotion. Where's a conspiracy when you need it most? Some palpitating yahoo with a gun. Hey ever buddy, lookit me slayun the dragun!!! It's displeasing to me because of the inefficiency and disorganization.

Their Twin Towers should be taken down.

Which is the point. We have suicide bombers too. Not many at all, and perhaps not enough. But for a cause they count as sacred, they move against the rule of law to take justice into their own hands, and they are willing to sacrifice themselves in the cause. Well, this last guy, who shot down the dog in the church -- he tried to get away. Brandished his gun at a couple of other, presumably non-abortionist church ushers. So he's just a criminal who happened to choose an appropriate target. My point is that we too have jihadis -- fanatics who are out of line with the common consensus.

Because, if you didn't get it, I'm not quite serious. Not actually quite serious. I see it as ambiguous, as ambiguous an issue as abortion itself. It's legal but wrong, the way killing mass killers of babies is illegal but ... my, that's a hard sentence to finish. ... but efficacious.

What should we do with abortionist assassins -- I mean, assassins of abortionists? Obviously, put them on trial and convict them. We can't have lawlessness. And it's what they know should happen -- either by their flight or by their surrender. It is, as I say, an act of self-sacrifice, whether noble or ignoble. And conscience has a price, the greater the cause, the greater the cost.

Even I, sitting on a jury, would convict the shooter. Because I know better than most that there is no justice. Sometimes there is only order, guarded by process. It's not right, but what is? If you choose to make yourself a martyr by making yourself a murderer -- and murder it is, not because it is wrong but because it is unlawful -- you may be a hero but you will be a criminal. Good for you, and tough. And maybe you're wrong. Suicide bombers are, although the case isn't quite the same, since their targets are random. Although maybe infidels and marketplace shoppers should be killed, like abortionists. Yet somehow it seems unlikely that even such a capricious deity as Allah would go in for so much randomness. Then again, how many die by "acts of God"? It's confusing.

Take the idiot on Wednesday who randomly killed the gym women. He went on in his ramblings about how if Jesus paid for all sins how could God judge anyone for sin? You shake your head at the logic, and its outcome. Same with abortionists though. It's legal to kill babies, therefore it's right; or, it's legal to kill babies because babies are not human; or, I don't care, I will do abortions because I want the money. Same with assassins of abortionists: I will gun him down because it will save lives, or because of the blood on his hands, or because God told me to, or whatever.

If there were no free will, we'd all agree. If there were no abortions, there would be 50 million more Americans and a much higher crime rate. If there were no suicide bombers moslems would be modern. If there were no randomly murdering gunmen there would be no free will. Choice must therefore be a good thing. If you don't like my logic it just points out once more how much smarter I am than you.

Do you appreciate me? Insufficiently, at best. I don't have to do this you know. It's just that I'm so good at it.


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