Monday, August 17, 2009

A Modest Proposal

Okay, so let's look at it. Healthcare is expensive, and there's an industry all geared up to distribute it. You know, doctors and clinics and insurance companies and drug companies. So if the government takes it over, it will be cheaper. That's just summary. It's self-evident -- not the truth of it, but that's the case they're trying to get us to believe.

Why take over healthcare? Because it's catastrophic when you have problems. Sometimes the issues are your fault, and sometimes it's all very mysterious -- a sort of injustice -- but there's no reason to bring blame and morality into it. Let's just look at outcome. People are sick or injured, and healing them takes a lot of money and expertise. They get caught up in a vast and rather bureaucratic system, frankly impersonal in many cases. They are just a file. They see the expert once in a while for a few minutes, who makes decisions almost independent of the client. The expert knows how these things should be done. Who has the wherewithal, the moxie, to assert their own opinion against that of an expert?

It hit me a couple of nights ago. I slapped my head, it was such a good, and obvious, idea. They want to nationalize doctors.

Nationalize lawyers.

If you have a legal problem, whether or not it's your fault, it is catastrophic. You're caught up in a vast and confusing bureaucracy. You can be ruined, financially and spiritually. So everyone should have a lawyer, for free. Not just for criminal cases -- for civil as well. Cases that you cause, and cases that just happen to you. Whatever the details they're trying to hatch for the doctors, they should have a precise counterpart for lawyers.


You can work out more details yourself. Get on the chatrooms. Call up talk radio. You don't even have to give me credit.


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