Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Dennis Prager says there are two parties, the Stupid Party and the Destructive Party. Obvious, but still amusing.

It's like being Christian. Most don't quite have it figured out. Well, it's not a gnosis. But always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. There are however many commandments we do not strictly adhere to. Alas, the handwavers are so much more public than the readers. Reading doesn't make for good television. They're not wrong, and human nature is what it is. Emotion seems to be easier for most people.

It's like testosterone. Cliches aside, there really can be too much. As with cholesterol, there's a healthy range. Too little T and a man is a hairless epicene doughboy. Too much and he's a reckless lockdown fool. That's really not a good thing. It's not masculine to be an uncontrolled violent overgrown boy. It's not spiritual to be a TV-weeping verse-quoter. An understanding heart includes the intellect.

I wonder why I'm talking about this. Feeling out of balance, maybe. It's an unsettled time for me. Slow season in terms of my mysterious sources of income, and I feel an obligation to assist my foolish, one might say stupid, mother. I've been paying for her various car repairs. Ah well. I don't need to buy books. Every family should have a mechanic, a doctor, and a lawyer. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, doctor, lawyer, Indian chief. The Indian chief is the politician, to rhyme with thief. But lawyer covers both anyway. We don't expect poetic density from nursery rhymes though. Every family should have a politician. Someone with power, to waive permits and fix tickets. What, you think it's about justice? Has your life taught you nothing? The Afghan warlords know the score. There is no loyalty. There is only a highest bidder.

Which brings us to Obama. When was the last time Chicago gave us a president? Kennedy? Well, that was cut short. The Machine, with its mechanics, is running full-bore now -- just down a peculiar road. Healthcare reform? Now? To whom is this a payoff? At this period in history, is healthcare reform really the burning issue? Leadership is about priorities. Economics is about the allocation of scarce resources. It may be true that Bush was unqualified when he came into office. It may be true that he was not a true conservative. And I find that my passion for the war has ebbed, with the safe return of my son. It's only human. But Bush focused on the priority, for all that he miscued himself with other issues. That huge government funding of pharmaceuticals. Well, I'm not a drug guy. All I know is, kill implacable foes. Here Obama is, pushing a government takeover of healthcare, worshiping at the altar of Climate Change, looking for a way to bug out from the war. The word unqualified springs to mind, and the word priorities.

A number of highschool students gang-raped a 15 year old late of an evening last week. Dozens of people knew about it while it was going on. No one called the police. Five have been arrested so far. The emotional tenor is, no remorse. California has a system of ranking schools, 1, lowest, to 10, highest. This highschool is a 1. More than half of its students are illegals.

California has the highest welfare roles -- fully one third of ALL welfare in the US. We have the highest proportional and absolute number of "homeless". We have the highest number of illegals. We have the highest deficit -- three times the sum of all other states. We have among the highest tax burdens. We have the most incompetent and perhaps the most corrupt state legislature. No wonder illegals are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Only Americans enjoy that privilege. Anything else would be racist. Yes, being illegal is a race.

It seems I'm in a dark mood. I'm feeling pretty good though, physically. Knee clicks in a disturbing way, but otherwise I'm solid. Bjj is going well. Gotta take my father to the doctor in a few days. Haven't seen my son for a month or two. Was it on my birthday? Once since then? Well, that's how I am. My computer has a virus I don't know how to fix.

Mindfulness is the state of being in the present. That's hard to do.


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