Friday, November 27, 2009


Some sort of sporting event tomorrow. Possibility of rain. I'm too busy to notice either. Some of it is just thinking about things that have only a theoretical importance. Attending to details that nobody will ever notice. I justify it as subliminal. But it's just me, yielding to my inner tidier. There's real work to do, big stuff, actual labor, as in lifting boxes or pounding things. That schedule is not my own, alas, so it is perforce slow. In any case, I'm inhibited by a lack of tools and sundry resources.

I enjoy both sorts of work. I built a house in Australia, you know. I'm not useless. And the picky stuff, about where commas go, or thinking about the virtues of the letter X -- I enjoy them, but they are not important. It's a little surprising how unimportant some details are -- when compared to how important other details are. When it's statistics, details don't matter. Stalin was right -- a million deaths are just a statistic. Stats really don't have anything to do with decimal places. Round to the nearest ten, is about it, or thousand, or million -- whatever. It's only death, which is as common as dirt. It's what dirt is made of. Oh, you think not, but that's because you are young, and don't understand how random and corrupt the world is.

As with, say, climatology. You've heard about the email scandal. Some of the lefty ideologue High Priests of Gaia have been cheating the data, and strong-arming dissenting views out of the public eye. Threatening scientific journals, warning them off publishing the heretics -- you know, the guys who don't agree. Really slimy stuff. And these are the characters pols are trusting to justify policies such as capping CO2 emissions. Lysenkoism. Don't we learn anything?

The answer of course is no. As a species we don't learn anything. It's a zero sum game, statistically. Humanity gets wiser the way a puddle gets bigger -- just spreading out, never any deeper. More knowledge, but there has always been more knowledge than anyone could know. More specialists, then. Like priests of human sacrifice -- they know just how to cut hearts out. Like politically-driven climatologists -- who's to say they lie? It's only if their secret emails get leaked, that we see the corruption of their barely human hearts.

I heard that it's a conspiracy. Get the government in charge of healthcare and we dare not oppose government. Oh, that's a different conspiracy. Control emissions and you control the economy. Industry doesn't emit pollution, but rather products -- carbon is a side-effect. But like stopping up the exhaust pipe, if you stop the production of waste, you stop the whole machine. It's a compromise then between efficiency, having minimal waste, and effectiveness, getting real things done.

Well, these are obvious points. We live in an emotional world -- it defines reality. The lying climatologists do it because of their emotions. I work with fractions of an inch for the same reason. But behind emotion there has to be character. Seeing what really matters. You don't like X? Fine, we'll do without it. What matters is getting the job done, well if not perfectly. Because perfect is an emotional theory, and notwithstanding what I've just said, there's such a thing as reality.

I knew a guy once who was a sort of realtor, and his voice message was, "Hello, this is X Reality". He was a genuinely stupid man, the depth of which was only hinted at by the fact that he did not know how to pronounce the name of his business. If I met him on a dark secluded street, I would beat him to death.

Except I'm too calm, or self-controlled rather, too rational, and too afraid of my conscience, for all that I love justice. I say all this because I know you've been missing me. It's just that I've been busy.



Anonymous said...

What do I have to eat to be able to put thoughts together like you?

Or is the possibility of a blood transfusion something I should be hoping for?

The thing about man's wisdom spreading out like a puddle is pricelss and you can bet I'm going to steal it.

Or, I should say, borrow it from time to time.

Jack H said...

What, this old thing? Why, I just threw it together, nary a thought.

As for diet, feel free to peruse my extensive archives on the subject. I'm quite the authority, don't you know. Many people often comment incessently about my genius. Me me me. Yesssssss.