Friday, November 6, 2009

Nidal Malik Hasan

An unsurprising name. Yesterday he expressed his understanding of the Hippocratic Oath, and of Islam, by gunning down as many unarmed people as he could. Islam apparently takes human sacrifices. One early report had him as a convert. Now he's said to be of Palestinian heritage. Hardly matters. Nidal, in any case, is a name that means "struggle," as in Um Nidal, the heroic mother of a heroic suicide bomber from Ramallah. You'll have to pardon me. It's just that they're so dang heroic.

Hasan ... or Nidal ... it's hard to know exactly which is his last name ... suffered some "harassment" because of his exercise of his faith. His free expression included aggressive and provocative attacks on American policy and society, to distressed combat soldiers just returned from the field. So harassment may not be quite le mot juste. He used his office of trust to proselytize for his religion. Defrocked, disbarred ... what's the word for doctors? -- when they're kicked out of the profession? No matter. It didn't happen to The Struggler.

Here now in Obamerica we are too evolved to report on the ethnic appearance of kidnappers or gunmen or other entrepreneurs. So we most certainly will not be expecting to hear about disgruntled military persons who post comments such as that infidels should be beheaded and oil poured down their throats. Well, we might hear about them after they do something newsworthy, but I mean ahead of time, like, proactively. That would be profiling.

There's not really a lot to say. America is the real terrorist. We're committing a genocide against moslems and islam and arabs and shit. It's the oil. And the spices. Well, whatever it is that arabs have and we want. Submissive women.

I had a professor once, Dr Baruk abd-al-Malik. An admirable man. Coptic Christian, from Egypt. Had a tattoo on his wrist, as all Copts do, of a cross. A tradition, so that if they were kidnapped as babies and made to be moslem, they'd know something of the story. My point? It must be that the world is horrible, in which we must act honorably. Hardly anyone is always wrong. Kidnapper child molesters have many good points, as do sex offenders with multiple dead and rotting bodies stored in various places about their homes. How do these guys afford such nice houses? Anyways, sometimes we do have to be judged for our worst moments.

Hasan lived. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to hang him. If ever. Allah's will be done. Gog is great.


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