Monday, December 21, 2009

Icy Pickles

Dang, can't I get away from this keyboard? All day long it seems, for ten or twelve minutes at a stretch, here I am, looking at something, or reading, or something. It just gets old is all. But I just have to share. I had two, count them, TWO ideas. Little ones, but blessed are the little ones.

So the far-lefties are all angry about the compromises the drugcare bill has in it. No single-payer. No medicare for youngsters. Why, it's hardly socialism at all. How will they get into heaven if the government doesn't do good? And what exactly is "single-payer", anyway? Tax-payer? Government? ... same thing.

And this Afghanistan thing -- why are we still there, killing women and children the way we love to do? Bombing all those hospitals and baby milk formula factories. And why is Gitmo still violating human rights and torturing babies and innocent korans with toilet water? There's only one false religion, you know, and it starts with bible and ends with thumpers'. All the others are so Evolved, like the way they worship The Planet or Buddha or whatever it is that's Evolved about Islam. Don't talk to me about korans, girlfriend. That proves it.

So Obama is losing his base. And that made me think about the nature of politics. We have our issues, on which it seems impossible to compromise. The Left wants socialism, flat out. Government control of public utilities and the means of production, and of health. Why shouldn't the government have control of health? It makes so much sense. The only thing it should not have control of is the bedroom. Because sodomy is a god-given right. Which god? Almost all of them. Point is, politics is about compromise, skirting around those core principles that make politics meaningful.

They're not wrong, the Left. If these are core issues, then they have a right to be outraged. Not that they need an excuse. The thing they're missing though is the creeping nature of their past victories. Don't they know this? With the Left it's always a toe-in-the-door thing, a slow roll toward a more lubricious declivity. They have forgotten their first love. So sad. They used to understand that, say, treaties are just scraps of paper. Agree to anything. It leads to everything you want. North Korea knows it. Iran knows it. You'd really think that their allies of the American Left would know it too.

The other thing I was thinking is about Christmas music. Songs about a baby, mostly. Or cold weather. Nothing wrong with that. But I thought, singing about a baby is about as sentimental as you can get. Because it's Christmas, though, it's alright. We're indoctrinated into it from infancy. But really. It could not be any sappier. Love songs are at least powered by the promise of sex. What instinct drives songs about babies? No, not sex. Some religious region of the brain?

You will know my thinking on Christmas. It's pagan, which is fine, because pagan is most human, and it's fine to be human. Dressing it up as Christian is not a problem. All the world dresses itself up as something it's not. They wear suits and ties in Japan. What matter these mere fashions. It's the sentiment that makes Christmas and the baby songs into something biblical. But Easter, for all its silliness with bunnies and eggs, is the real holy day.

For your Christmas present this year I'll be posting naked pictures of myself. No, really. I promise. No lie. For real. Absolutely. I will. Not kidding. At all. Friday morning then. Drop by. Tell your friends You'll all be so amazed.


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