Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brass Ring

I noticed it last time, and it's affirmed now. Obama just gave a forceful speech about how unacceptable and intolerable Christmas Day underwear bombers on airplanes are. Gotta say, surprising though it is, I agree. In his clipped dogmatic brooks-no-contradiction tones, he reasserted how he demands something better from those responsible for our flying and under-flightpath security. As I say, I noticed it. His use of the word, "demand."

Here we have a head of state who repeatedly bows to foreign heads of state, and apologizes for the greatness albeit fading of America, and generally fails to understand the purpose and true dignity of his office, while at the same time, uses the word "demand" with regard to his administrative functionaries. "Hey, secretary! -- git me some coffee, snappy, and make it hot this time, stupid. I demand it."

You see it? People in power don't demand. They command. They issue an order and it's done. Weaklings demand. It's an emotional thing. People who need to threaten, demand. You'd think someone as poetic and eloquent as our golden-mouthed Obama, a regular chryostom, would apprehend such an elementary linguistic non-subtlety. But even you, so pedestrian and hopeless, must finally by now have cottoned on to his tired rhetorical tricks. Even Obama seems bored with them. Can it be that he's bored with himself?

Someone who learned his political skills as a community organizer dealing with low-level local political hacks, aldermen and block wardens, and had the almost insupportable egotism to thrust himself forward into the highest office in the world -- that level of self-worship surely cannot be capable of growing tired with itself. It must be that Obama is not trying anymore. He got his, babe, now you get yours. Going through the motions. Could that be it?

Which brings me to a simple observation. Obama, used to being the loudest voice in a room full of pipsqueaks, now finds himself on stage with Putin, and Sarkozy, and Netanyahu -- leaders who learned their craft slashing their way up through parliamentary and party systems that blast to deserved oblivion such non-accomplished neophytes as our White House current occupant.

Well, I seem to be over my chronic funk about the last election's incomprehensible outcome. I still shake my head every single time that the news readers utter the string of syllables, President Obama. But I've never been one to balk at speaking ill of the dead. So perhaps I'll open up full blast the vitriol spigot that's held back the dam for these several consecutive seasons of darkness. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Maybe the Secret Service will feel the need to interview me.

It's such a relief that there is no more terrorism, on which to war. Man-made-disasters are so much more soothing. It's so good to get away from the swagger of the last ten no eight years plus one though but still only eight, uh, away from the swagger I say. Now we move forward into the bright bold future of our children and our childrens' children with the sinuous slinking of an accomplished ballroom gigolo. That's a good thing. Does Obama have a pencil-mustache? That sodomy offer still stands. But we didn't need to make an offer. It's happening anyway. What after all is healthcare, but a push to look into our cracks?



bob k. mando said...

I still shake my head every single time that the news readers utter the string of syllables, President Obama.

you think "President McCain" would roll off the tongue any better?

they were both in favor of continuing Bush's economic "policies".

Jack H said...

Sorry to offend against your man. It's just that completely unqualified is a little worse than somewhat unqualified. But, yeah, I hate Bush too. He was so bad and stuff.

bob k. mando said...

Sorry to offend against your man

"my man"? all three of them suck. none of them are "my man".

Bush and McCain offend me because they adopted Democrat / Keynsian policy prescriptions, not because i'm in favor of "Bobama". McCain would still be spending like a drunken sailor ... perhaps only half as bad as Obama. but that proud Keating Five member certainly wouldn't have done anything constructive about bankers, government regulation or funding of houses for people who can't afford to buy them.

when the poison dose is ten times what's necessary to kill you, getting only half that amount doesn't seem like such a great deal.

i should have thought you would have picked up on that kind of thing from me by now.

Jack H said...

I just hoped you'd be past a need for perfection. It's not so much the poison, as how fast it acts. Time enough for an antidote is sometimes all we get.

bob k mando said...

Time enough for an antidote is sometimes all we ge... Time enough for an antidote is sometimes all we get.

it's one thing to demand perfection. it's another altogether to be in what may well be the final throes of the American Republic and to be told that McCain "might have been a good enough placeholder".

this collapse started before Bush left office. both Obama and McCain guaranteed that they would balloon the deficit and institutionalize government spending ( and hence, corruption ).

this "recovery" that they've been babbling about is no more real than AGW. even Krugman openly states that everything that we know is coming this year is bad. the "recovery" talk is simply a propagandistic Keynsian appeal to the "animal spirits" of the market. magical thinking, in other words.

answer this question: what would the author of McCain-Finegold have accomplished against this Congress? they are his ideological fellow travelers, after all.

i think that the only chance for the US now is the Nineveh option. do you think McCain has it in him to repent?

before you answer that, consider the daughter he raised.
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bob k. mando said...

Mike Shedlock will satisfy your Recommended Daily Allowance of depressing news: