Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Moments

Last night I was strangely serene. No news that was particularly, or at all, good. Just a sense that things outside of our control aren't our responsibility. We suffer or benefit from mere chance, so we do care about the great wide world, but our power extends only to our own grasp. After that we may have, at most, influence -- and beyond that, faith.

Obama must be learning this, or at least is given the opportunity. He has lost his death grip control on the Senate. Has anything at all been accomplished by that control? Lots of cash spent. Well, IOUs written. But with all that power and good will, anything done? What a waste. But so much the better for America. Not being socialists, we prefer democracy over diktat.

It wasn't politics however that I was serene about. Just one of those moments, long moments perhaps a fortuitous harmony of hormones, where psychological peace descends like snowflakes or falling leaves, and the landscape is transformed.



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