Friday, February 26, 2010

Rampant Majority

So I finally got a legitimate drivers licence. I've been using a Guyanan one for the past 18 years, under the name Guadalupe Quetzalcoatl, and that's a hassle since I don't look Aztec. People are so ignorant. Guadalupe can be a guy's name. Anyway, it was necessary. A little matter of a manslaughter conviction -- totally bogus of course, I was innocent, so I've been living under the radar so to speak for a while. But this internet thing is really paying off bigtime, you people keep pouring in the bucks, so anyway it took ten thousand simoleons for bribes and forged documents but now I've got a sort of legitimate license. Big relief, frankly. Kind of stressful.

Got a hundred percent on the drivers test of course. Man I'm smart. Just wish I could take a good picture. No photo can do me justice. I always end up looking like a meth-addict ax murderer. I haven't done that for years. Eighteen years, to be precise. Oh yeah, I was innocent. Of the crime they charged me with. Morons.

Speaking of morons, you've heard about how Congress is, um, investigating Toyota. Sort of like how Steven Seagal is a deadly martial artist, and real-life lawman. Sort of the way maggots wiggle on top of a corpse. It's a bit conspiratorial, but some are suggesting it has something to do with Government Motors -- you know, how something that was too big to fail was Socialized. I think a lot of our bureaucratic representatives are highly motivated for Socialism to succeed.

Same with this fantastic promise of universal healthcare. What a fantastasy! The fulfillment of the American Dream! If I'm megaremembering myself, it's the Pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Guarantee of Affordable Medications. GAM. Like Gay Albanian Male, another guarantee of happiness, girlfriend. But that's neither here nor there. What the hell's the matter with you. I was trying to stay focused. The point is, that CNN pole that shows only a quarter of Americans are now in support of the Dem plan. Yet the Democrat Party seems to be moving toward forcing the PLAN through via Resolution. This seems amazing to me. Has there been a bigger bit of socially restructuring legislation, ever, at all?

Voting for blacks? But that wasn't about money, or me. It affected the Old South. Um, MediCare? But that was just old people. Social Security and the IRS. Yes, these affected everyone. Financially. This is even bigger I think. It's money, but it's choice, that thing Lefties love so very very much, when it's the correct choice. Prohibition? It too destroyed an industry -- brewers and vintners and whatever whiskey-makers are called.

But here's the difference. Aside from the Constitution being Amended for some of these. The difference is that they were not the result of what is known to poli sci majors as a rampant majority. Oh, abortion. Roe v Wade. That was another revolution from the top, and about choice, too! I've just never seen anything like it though. The astounding combination of arrogance and hypocrisy. They just really do have to find another name for their Party. Democrat just won't do. Too much now of the People's Republic thing going on -- these great, good, kind names masking something monstrous.

Someone said FDR had a second class intellect and a first class temperament. Obama? You decide about the intellect. I am honestly, honestly not impressed. But as for his temperament, he seems to be among the most unsuitable people to hold the office ever. Nixon may be comparable, for different reasons. I can't think of anyone else from the Twentieth Century. Polk. Even someone like Carter or clinton had a less inappropriate temperament. It's the combination of arrogance, thin-skinnedness and pettiness. "We're not campaigning, Senator McCain. The election is over." Punk.

All this noise about bipartisanship. How I long for a theocracy -- one that allowed for tarring and feathering. And hot gay sex with Adriatic firemen! And frenzied meth-induced ax murders. You now, just my amusing little peccadillos, like a good cult allows for. And in this fantasy of mine, things must be called what they are. So Democrats would be, would be... well, I'd best not say. Find your own word, for a group that claims to be democratic yet works against the apparent will of three fourths of Americans, all the while blasting their opposition as being too partisan. I don't think fascist is quite the right word. But something like that. If I were a Democrat, I would be ashamed, if I were capable of shame.


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