Monday, February 15, 2010


On Valentine's Day I decided not to take your woman away from you. Not just because she's not good enough for me. What woman is? I had a dream last night that I met future-me, and we started making out. And it was so good. As for you and your puny libido, pity is not a pitiful enough word to describe that mess. But if I did take her from you, every time she thought about you, she'd laugh. Not that she'd ever think about you.

Sometimes I just get tired of it all, being so hot and manly, with all the chicks throwing themselves at me all the time. I'm more than just the next step in Evolution. Can't I just be left alone? Destiny with its infinite demands is so wearisome. Such a burden, to transform humanity into my own likeness. Sometimes I wish Darwin were wrong.


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