Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Paradox

Okay, see if you can follow along. Evolution uses as its primary mechanism the process, real, of natural selection -- whereby genes select themselves through struggle -- survival of the fittest -- nature, red of tooth and claw. I won't bother to elaborate with further dashes, since it's such a very fundamental idea. So there's that. Next, the precept, a basic tenet of faith among New Agers and Liberals and similar religionists, that mankind is basically good, and getting better.

See it? The contradiction? If Mankind progresses through natural selection, then it would be a propensity toward violence and rape that would be favored. Goodness would be bred out of the species, as a less or least favored trait. Sharks are said to be the perfect killing machine because they were selected over Evolutionary time to that end. Likewise with humanity. If natural selection is the mechanism of progress, then the adjective humane must come to mean brutal.

As I say, I won't belabor it. But would you please point out the flaw in my thinking? Because I must be wrong. How can mankind not be basically good? How can Evolutionism not be true? It's very confusing.

What?!? Kim Kardashian has a sex tape? Why haven't I heard about this before!?!


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