Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shine my shoes, boy.

The Idiot has done it again.

Barack Obama, Hu Jintao

I'd say "Monkey see, monkey do", but that's too effing racist. I'm just racist enough. So is Obobo. Cuz when he's around these Orientals, he knows tuh bow.

American visitor bowing to greet their Japanese host = DISGRACE AND THE END OF AMERICAN POWER

Ah so. Maybe he dropped a penny? Is he a Jew? No, dummy, he's a Moslem. When he goes to the Middle East he sets women on fire. When in Rome...

Obama bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Obama and Saudi King 5

Yes, that ass is Obama. Technically, it's not sex.


The Queen just gets a nod. You know, cuz of how they oppressed us. The Revolution? God, read a book.

The great and the small. He has the common touch. Elitist? That's racist. Like me. What other motive could I have?

But come November...

Dignity? What's that? Something about dressing snappy? A tasteful tie? Using the right fork? Being touchy about protocol? Having the power to dis friends, and be so furking magnanimous with our enemies? I say "our" -- you know, America's. Not Kenya's. The Class President has no enemies, only worshipers and heretics. I know, I'm mixing my metaphors. It's just that he's all things to all people.

The geniuses point out that Bush bowed too. Sure. Bush, who was so notable for his style and sophistication. And Bush kissed some Arab on the mouth. Well, of course ... the oil don't you know. We all lube up for oil. It's our life's blood. So what if it has a few immunodeficiency viruses in it.

No, I have no taste. Nothing is forbidden me anymore. I have Obama Derangement Syndrome, and I am not accountable. But it's so funny that ObamaCare will cure me, as soon as it's funded in four years.



Anonymous said...

Does it bother you he's all things to all people?

Jack H said...

He is what America deserves. For our sins.