Thursday, April 29, 2010


The racists are planning on rioting again. May Day, or Cinco de Mayo -- what ever. Here we go again. Bait and switch, of course. The apparatchiks are getting their agitprop together -- eyes off the DiseaseCare system, now that they control it, and onto another, different attack on liberty. Yes, borders are indeed about liberty. The freedom for us to not be Mexico. Nothing wrong with Mexico, as Third World toilets go. All of my sisters-in-law are of Spanish-speaking background. Never about race. Always about culture. They, like you and I -- by which is meant our progenitors -- came here, to be American. Whereas, this latest wave bothers not even to learn the language. Seems ... unpatriotic.

But the Obamaniacs are really good at what they're good at. Chicago-style politics. Breathtaking in their cynicism. I learned long ago that I can't out-scum scum. So what do we do, with someone who will stop at nothing? The definition of "win" has to be revised. Especially with people who think that wars are not for winning. Yet politics must be won at all costs.

But I digress. Not that I'm quite sure what my point is, or will be. I think it must be the illegals, again. We had a little reprieve from the topic. Last time it was really in the news was 2006. I had thought that the clarity and force of my own writings here had resolved the matter, in America's favor. It seems I was wrong. They're back. Not that they left, but they shut the hell up for a while. Learned their place, at the back of the pickup truck, I'd thought.

Oh, racist? Well, it is true, apparently, that half, or a quarter, or whatever number, of illegals are not Mexican. Asian. That's nice. So only half, or 3 quarters, or whatever the crap number is that the media allows us to believe, are from beyond the pale immediately to our south. I'm not quite sure if they think this is a good thing for us to believe. I mean, it's not the particular origin of the illegals that's the issue. More of a rule-of-law thing. Laws, in some countries, like ours, matter. It's what makes us different than them. There is corruption everywhere. Some cultures tolerate it better than others. We don't tolerate it -- when we discover it, we attack it. Some cultures, as that to our left, benjamin in the Semitic tongues, institutionalize corruption. So, first, no wonder they want to come here, where our institutions are, humanly speaking, far less corrupt; and second, no wonder they feel entitled to invade -- they come from a corrupt place.

Racist? Yes, you are, if you think in those terms. For my part, I am, proudly, a culturalist. My culture, American, is vastly superior to every other. All things considered. Those Scandinavian countries, whence my ancestors, are ever so wonderful, as all of Europe must be, if you just want to get by, you know, hoping not to be invaded, and maybe some great but unnamed power will keep you safe, or rescue you. Now who might that be. No matter. Point is, American character -- not diet -- is like a hero in the book of Judges. A great cry comes unto the Lord, and a savior rises up. America.

So, yes, of course they line up on the border -- the starting line -- for their marathon run to freedom, also known as opportunity. How can we begrudge them that? Only because they cheat, is all. There they are, the law-abiders, queuing up in good order, paying their fees and getting their papers, and along come the line jumpers. And the outrage mounts, until, until we discover that it's the Mexicans who are jumping the line. Oh, it's Mexicans. Okay then, that's alright. Mexicans can jump to the head of the line -- skip it entirely then, and just come on in.

Anyone would do it. Almost anyone. If China were to the south, Chinese would do it. Pakistanis. Iranians. Anyone from an oppressive and/or corrupt culture. Norwegians? Well, yes, but they did it a hundred thirty years ago, the lawful wave of which I personally have benefited. Good for me. Good for you too, whatever your origin. Mind, I did not say race. Even blacks, kidnapped and enslaved, benefit, NOW, from that ancient crime. We know it's true, simply by looking at what Africa is now. Just outside the outermost circle of hell, as far as I can tell. But that's most of the world.

Jingo. Rah rah rah. USA! Yep. Thing of it is, I mean it. If humans are involved, it will be corrupt. Given. No need for the lefties to repeat that truism. Or, if they do recite the preamble to their constitution, that always starts with how bad, of all things, America is, well, wouldn't it be nice if their constitution were a living, breathing thing, that could be changed just by thinking about it differently, so that somehow the idea that the corrupting thing is not America, and not even power, but humans? Sadly, people are basically good. Which means something else must be at fault. America, of course.

Man, it's easy to write this way. Been quite a while since I've done it. Good, isn't it. I should do it more. You will notice that I've gone so fast that I haven't bothered to build on or follow through with any number of points, here. Think of it as a conversation starter. You can use my many brilliant ideas, and pretend they are your own. Just, uh, send me a dollar. I'll licence them to you. But don't forget the dollar.


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bob k. mando said...

i think you may "enjoy" these. there is no end to their simple mindedness.