Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ground Zero Musk

Guess you never heard of the First Amendment, that quarantines an absolute and unlimited right to free speech and non-sectarian religion. There is an impenetrable and insuperable Wall of Separation between Church and Society. Oh, did I say 'quarantines'? – I meant guarantees. Easy mistake to urge. It’s a hard word to spell. I often get it wrong. But everything else I’ve said so far is completely correct.

So the fascists who are against the Ground Zero Musk are Nazis. Christians of course, and so-called Republicans. Haters. Don’t they know we have freedom from their religion? They should be silenced. If we don’t allow and promote Islam, we’re forgetting what this country is all about. Tolerance.

Well, I am, even after this prolonged silence, still a fool, so of course I’m completely wrong, or rather, missing the point. The point is that the Lefties on NPR are correcting us about our nomenclature. “The mosque won’t be at Ground Zero. It’s two blocks away! Cor blimey! It’s not the ‘Ground Zero Mosque!’ It’s the ‘Two Blocks Away Mosque’. Duh!’”

And my small, humble voice pipes up, insecurely, because life has not encouraged me to boldness -- but still I must, as stalagmites grow, speak. The fact that there are already two mosques in the immediate vicinity of The Pit is irrelevant. The fact that there are strip bars nearby is irrelevant. The fact that the mosque would be in an old clothing facility is immaterial. The fact that the Lefties engorge their expansible tissues by observing that the mosque would not be at Ground Zero is moot -- we had not supposed it would actually be at the very hallowed Ground of Zero itself, say, at the level of some former sub-basement? (Proving again that it would and could not be at Ground Zero, but Underground Zero. It is so tiresome, having always to correct the slopping thought processes of the intellectually indiligent.) It is irrelevant that the intent of the presiding genius behind the mosque, Imam Collectionofvowelsdeesandellswithsomekaysounds, is to commemorate a victory of Islam over the Infidels, as all cultures build their Holy Places on the ruins of those they have conquered. It is irrelevant that the families of the terrorists’ victims, even of those few moslems who died, are or may be offended by the idea.

What matters is that this country is ours, not theirs, and we have the say, not they, of what will be built and what will not be built. Since this is our country, and we make the rules, and abide by them faithfully, it is for us, not some other, to interpret our meaning. So, yes, we have and allow, and demand and tolerate, freedom of religion. But we limit it for the general welfare. Molochism with its human sacrifice, cannibalistic rites, Nazism in its full expression, and other such abominations, are not tolerated. Islamism. Believe as you will. But your actions will be limited.

The erecting of a Victory Monument at, by which is meant near, Ground Zero, during a time of War, by the Enemy or its Sympathizers, is not to be allowed. The protestations of the Propagandists and Fellow Travelers are not to be heeded. There are very few absolute rights. Even self-defense is not absolute, as in the case of the murderer justly condemned to death. He has the urge but not the right to preserve himself. But it is a moribund society indeed that does not strive to preserve itself. Life is metabolism, which is a homeostatic balance, between stasis and change, ideally within healthy limits.

We allow and encourage change, but only to something better, not merely different, and certainly not to something alien and inferior. Yes, I do mean Islam. Bigotry? I call it pragmatic, and objective. Without oil, Islam has only terrorism, poverty, oppression and a fine but obsolete history. We have television phones from the future. Materialistic, you say? Yes. If you want religion, go pray in a closet. Never argue with reality. The whole world wants to be here. We go there for a vacation, in peril of becoming kidnap victims.

If no one rescues the abused wife, she will be brutalized and killed. If no one stops the bicycle thief, he will steal cars. If no one shuts up the loudmouth bully, his talk will turn to violence. Did the playground teach you nothing?


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