Friday, October 22, 2010

Syphilis Is Natural

To summarize, CrossFit is a booty call. It gets the job done. Jiu Jitsu, you marry.

Talking about a well-known CF workout, I said, "Cindy is a bitch. But she's not a slut. She's not easy." You had to be there.

The big news is about Juan Williams being fired from NPR for having said that when he's in the airport and sees religionists in "Moslem garb", he feels anxious. And he was fired for that. That. Um, was it his feeling he got fired for, or being honest about his feeling? Hard to know. Got a multimillion dollar deal with FOX out of it though. Point is, the Totalitarian Left is like that. Thought control. Purity of the secret heart. Every Revolution eats its own. The Terror of the French, the Purges of the Soviets. They make witch-burners look like pikers. Understanding of course the meaning of the word "revolution". Not the same as a war of independence.

I just can't get over it, even though I know it so well. The hypocrisy. They urge Tolerance. Hm. Huh. Um. Huh.

Speaking of which, Obobo was in LA today, tying up traffic, doing a sparsely-attended fundraiser to take money out of Southern California. You know, cuz he's so good for the economy and shit. Cali has some sort of Madam senator, who worked so hard for her titties, some sort of schnauzer or weener dog name, and this Ma'am needs Obobo to get us all fired up. He needs us all fired up. Cuz of hope and change we keep hoping for. Keep hoping for the change, he needs us to keep hoping.

Hey. Asshole. Less talk. You can't control your incompetence. You can turn down the noise level though. Please? We'll carve you into Mount Rushmore if you'll do that for us. Deal? Cuz you're so great ... we don't want you to water down how great a speaker you are with any multiplication of ... um, uh ... er ... ... .... uh ... um, um ... eloquentness.

Oh, and drilling. Did I say drilling? Just the grinding out of moves, bjj moves, to make it automatic. Rote is a good thing. On a regular basis. 50 may be a bit much. But 30? An even number. A couple of moves then, armbar and triangle, or this sweep or that, uh, um, er, well, you know. I'm not very eloquent. Maybe paired moves, combinations, drill drill drill. Cuz all you have under pressure is instinct -- instinct or character.

Well, there have been many other ways I've been brilliant recently, but I just don't feel like sharing it right now. You're barely paying attention anyway.

Syphilis is natural? Never mind. Just something I texted to my son just now.


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