Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I don't know. I think I can see it.

I think I see it. Them. Is "junk" a plural? Testicles, clearly, and a penis. Yep. There it is. Them. And ... stand up straight, boy. You're having your picture taken. Suck in your gut. Have some pride.

What have we become, that we can no longer travel by commercial airline without being felt up, actual probing hand to genitals, or gray and grainy images memorializing our, to use the biblical term, nakedness? That we stand placidly in line -- perhaps slightly uncomfortable, but what is one to do after all -- and have government functionaries grope us publicly? Liberty? Bend over, bitch. Backwards. Imagine your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter. Heh heh. Cute titties. Or not. Your teenage son. Nice dick, junior. Mine's bigger. Viewed in a far-off room only by someone of the same gender? They do not separate passengers by gender. "Passengers?" Is that the right word? Objects, with TSA-certified anal cavities.

No worries though. We can always take the bus. That is the only other option. Ground travel. So much for the flight of eagles. Unfeltup air travel is not a human right. You know you want it. You don't stand in line for something you don't want. Faggot.

Someone described Germans, back in the day, their hay day, the salad days of the Third Reich, as a nation of carnivorous sheep. Americans? Scarecrows stuffed with money? Maybe that's the Swiss. Some sort of porcine imagery? Deodorized and trying to lose weight. No matter. In any case, increasingly irradiated. GMO. Grope My Organ. And increasingly European. Line up and shut up. Have your union card ready for checking. Papers, get out your papers, citizens ... illegals need not bother.

The debt is completely unsustainable. A few years ago I lacked the imagination to see how the housing bubble could ever burst. I was aware of the constant rise, and it was clearly unsustainable. I knew that. But I couldn't see the outline of the catastrophe. The government hadn't bodyscanned it for me, to reveal its penis. Well, now I have the precedent, and I can see what's coming.

We have been betrayed. Whether conspiracy or incompetence or rank greed, our tulips are found to be worthless, and our craze for housing and liberty is a madness of the crowd. Humanity is not meant to live in freedom. So the force of history should have informed us.

I'm thinking the dude is circumcised. Wish it was clearer. Maybe it's Obama, leading by example. Mine's bigger.


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