Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Stupidest State

California. Man. Stupid. Magic bean stupid. Girls Gone Wild stupid. Just stupid. Stupid. Jerry Brown is as of this writing apparently the next governor. The guy who unionized public employees in the 70s. You know, the reason the state is bankrupt now, paying for the incredibly exorbitant pensions of these sign-holders and form-fillers.

And Brabra Boxer is back. Stupid stupid stupid. The nastiest please-call-me-senator-I-worked-so-HARD-for-that-TITLE senator. She works hard for the title. Not for California. Git it? Of course, the MSM are calling the race for Boxer while it is a 47 47 tie, and before conservative Orange County has been counted yet. But that’s par for the course. In any case, stupid stupid stupid California.

Like America. Most blessed land, populated by morons. That’s everywhere of course, but you’d think we’d realize why we’re so blessed, and seek to preserve that. But no. No, that would be too smart. So let Californians endlessly Hope for Change, as promised by the least presidential but most imperial and oh so elegant in his mien Dude in Chief, and support the revolution and elect all socialists, as we continue to do, by any other name. Sure, New York did the same thing as California, elect or reelect the dregs. But New York isn’t the promised land. It’s just a big important state. People actually come to California, for itself. Even though it’s being ruined by dregs, foreign and domestic.

And the Stupidest State has preserved its Save the Planet job killer, and tossed out the idea that a supermajority should be required to raise pass the “budget.” These pigs, now, can operate doorknobs. So of course the pantry will be empty. Aside from heaping piles of pig droppings.

So there’s that. But as for what’s important, my bjj is moving along apace – slowly, but apace. Practicing combinations more now, which is frankly the only intelligent way to learn, once you’re passed the basics. Little things, like calling it the hip escape rather than the snake move -- figure it out -- and teach it with the double pop. Seems like a good idea. As I may have said, the Brazilians know all the moves, but showing and teaching are two different things.

Looks like I'll have to wait two years for more good news. What a stupid world.



Will C. said...

I'm on the other end, literally. SC elected it's first black Republican since Reconstruction. We also elected the first female guvnah...and one them furiner (sic foreigner) types.
Even after every good ole boy redneck old guard politician claimed to have had sexual relations no wait an "inappropriate relationship". That's cover my ass lawyerspeak for a handshake that made me feel uncomfortable.
Oh and we also got rid of a fat cat lifer in the form of John Spratt. Only embarassment left is a certain James Clyburn. Not a clean sweep but damn near one.
Overall I'm proud to be a South Carolinian today.
Perhaps you should move here.
We would add your uniqueness to our collective.

Resistance Is Futile

Jack H said...

I'd move there, but I have shoes, and most of my teeth.


Will C. said...

Here you go smartass...

"1. Technology: South Carolina has proven successful in recruiting capital investment in the field of technological research. The foundation of these corporations gives rise to opportunities to cross-pollinate job opportunities across the state of South Caroline to those areas in economic need. Greenville serves as the economic hub for the Upstate region and also has one of the highest rates of engineering professionals per capita in the United States. The Upstate region contains the 9th largest number of engineers, scientists, and computer professionals in the United States. The automotive research center and the attraction of engineering professionals are integral in the advancement and attraction of Technology which is closely tied to the technology areas and headquarters of many national companies." -

Will C. said...

Oh and for maximum effectiveness of my tone, "smartass" should be pronounced exactly like Schwartz from "A Christmas Story"

forward to 1:05

Jack H said...

i dint reed nuthun thear bout them havin shoos!!!