Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Imaginary Conversations

Man I hate the holidays. All these slimy lowlifes crawl out of their holes and want to have family get-togethers. Leave me the fuck alone. A hideous tragedy of bad luck put me into that madhouse when I had no choice. Involuntary commitment. Please, sir, may I have a choice now?
  • Y'see, when words come out of your mouth, that's how people know what you think.
    • No, dumbass, I'm not the one who tells you what you have to do to make it right. You need to figure it out. Fucking clueless retard.
    • Is there anything that would make it better? Yes, I could travel back in time and beat you to death with a brick in your crib.
      • Do not ever ever ever try to contact me again in any way. If you do, the first thing out of your mouth had better be an abject and perfect apology. Or I will burn your house to the ground.
      • So let me get this straight. Explain it to me. Is it a dick up my ass that I like, or in my mouth? Or my dick in some guys' ass and/or mouth? Or both? Since you understand my love affair with shit so well, please explain myself to me.
      Hate speech? I call it therapy.

      Women women women. That is to say, sex. I don't believe I've ever confided my tastes to these pages. Is it a secret? I think it may be. It just seems like a vulnerability, letting anyone know what I like. I mentioned once that Queen Latifah was a handsome woman, and that provoked gales of laughter. No, Big Girls are not to my taste. (They tend to like me though.) There is a phenotype or two that I prefer, but always tending toward athletic. That's as much as I think I'll let you know. Something to do with honesty. Some emotions I'm open about. Rage. Some, desire, are private, in their details. Twisted, I know. All the more reason to judge and reject me.

      The idea of friendship, trust, love, all bound up in each other -- very hard for me to come to terms with. I think people wonder about me. I think I'm someone for whom there is no mate.

      So, I like athletic women of a certain type, and guys' dicks in my mouth, and assholes.


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