Wednesday, February 23, 2011


San Diego is talking about making circumcision illegal. Not having it -- having it done. I mean, they gotta allow me into the city, right? After all, they let in the illegals. What am I, chopped liver? Little yuppie babies with their fretful, syndicalistic parents, shall go forth unaltered into the big bad world. A foreskin must have many uses, after all. It's uncivilized to mutilate a baby boy. Jews and their superstitions? Screw em. An exception however will be made for the moslems and the Holy Religion of Islam. Except for female circumcision, which the mossies love, cuz it ruins sex for the chicks, which is good. Stinking women.

My understanding is that it's not circumcision at all, with females. It's the removal of the clitoris. Exact counterpart, if my grasp of comparative anatomy is solid, would be the removal of the glans -- or as I think of it, the power ball.

It was a topic of radio discussion on the drive home. Yuppies and bureaucrats butting into other folks' business. Seems like parental choice is not a good thing, when it's only a penis in question. When it's cutting apart the whole baby, though, male or female, well ... choice is good. Dicks, no. Brains, yes. Struck me as ironic. Is abortion illegal in the City of San Diego?

One of Saint Diego's miracles is that his dead corpse cured a prince who, after whoring all night, fell down a flight of stairs and became blind and paralyzed. Paralytic blind whoremongers, flock, all of you, to San Diego. It's your kind of town.

I've decided yet again that I was not a very good husband. Piss poor, in fact. Immature and critical. Not abusive, but not much of a catch. Now, a quarter century later, I'm not immature but I'm selfish. Just want to be left alone, unless I don't want to be left alone. I have noticed over the years females who give evidence of being attracted to me. I am generally very successful in ignoring these signals. Hurrah. I win. But I've always been loyal, to those I owe loyalty. Select group.

Pulled a muscle deep in my lower back on Monday. Maybe overtraining? Well, I really should have stretched first. I wish I could get more sleep. Healing time. I'm a brighter and less unpleasant guy when I get rest. Ah well. Someday I'll win the lottery, after I start playing it, and then I'll hire someone to sleep for me. It'll be great.

That's all. Remember me in thine orisons.


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