Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Okay Kuhdaffy, let me be clear you BETTER not do anything, um and I do NOT mean eeay it! It is unacceptable, this huh thing er that I'm I I talking about, and we w-w-will definitely not put corpsemen on the ground with ... boots on! Got it? You better believe um that uh I want ... you to believe what I say! You KNOW what hmm "unacceptable" means, right? Let me be clear. It's when you offer me something ... ... and I ... say, "No thank you very much. Maybe later. But thank you." So I do NOT accept all that stuff you either did or said, I forget which. Uh, like, that thing with the ... airplane all that time ago when I was tokin a dooby in college or organizing a community or whatever. Dude, that was totally bogus. I mean it was entirely unacceptable. Um ... let me be clear about that. It is a well known statistic that 98% if all Middle East situations occur, despite all opposition to the contrary, in a manner that presupposes an understanding of the complex situation as posited by my State Department of the United States of America, and our children, and our children's children, while the seas continue to rise and my Secretary of Energy wants gas prices to match those of Europe, a continent, or rather peninsula hanging like a scrotum off of Asia -- and anyway Africa is much bigger than it looks on the map ... my father was Kenyan, you know? Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the children and their children's children and all the little growing flowers. And by "God" I mean Allah.


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