Monday, May 9, 2011


  • "President Obama's decision to get Obama was exceedingly gutsy! Extraordinarily gutsy ... the gutsiest and most decisive decision any President has ever made, in fact. Absolutely." -- Sen Dianne Feinstein (D - CA)
  • "It was so gutsy, what President Obama decided, to get Osama like the way he did! We are so very lucky that President Obama is the gutsy president that we have elected." -- Vice President Biden
  • "Man, is he gutsy. It was so very, very gutsy. Man! Gutsy! What a decision! That's real courage! Guts! Fuck!" -- Sen Al Frankin (D -- Minn)
  • "Gutsy? I'll TELL you what GUTSY is. Obama, that's what! The President! Yeah! Not like Bushitler! Chimpy McBush. God I hate him so much. Bush lied people died! No blood for oil!" -- Lawrence O'Donnell
  • "When I think about President Obama and his balls, I get a tingle up my leg! ... I mean guts." -- Chris Matthews
Well. What are we to expect? Words, as Humpty Dumpty reminds us, mean what we want them to mean. The Ministry of Truth has oiled the cogs of communication, and outward rolls this new definition of "gutsy." Doing a popular thing that involves physical risk only to other people. Over which you lose no sleep. Why, it was in the back of his mind all weekend long! Wow. Like, when he was making speeches to students, and going to dinners, and presidential stuff like that. And if I'm just sort of wondering, are easy decisions really to be called gutsy? -- well I'm quite a gauche and callow fellow, and a racist.

That's all, for now. Maybe later I'll find some other extraordinarily courageous and heroic thing that Obama has done, and complain about it.


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