Thursday, June 23, 2011

Logic, baby!

All atheists burn in Hell.
Socrates is a man.
Therefore atheists have beards.

That's Logic, baby! No ... wait ... that's NOT logic, baby. While it's all true, and completely factual, it is not logical according to the commonly accepted definition of a syllogism.

On a related note, I still can't get over how you so-called Americans elected this utter moron to the Presidency. Obamoron. Now YOU are stupid enough to think BUSH was the Obamoron, but you're wrong of course. Y'see, it's not any reputed celerity of apprehension nor a solid hold of easily grasped ideologies. That's a qualifier for Toast Master of the United States. What we need, needed, was competence. Not OBlaming. If someone supposes he understands how to fix the economy, and gets his chance, and the situation becomes worse ... well, here's a syllogism:

All demogagues are liars;
Obama doesn't know how to handle a mop;
Therefore Americans are very stupid.

So in conclusions, you are very dumb.


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