Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 + 10

What, is it ten years already, from Islam's greatest achievement since the sacking of Byzantium? I don't mean to be very insensitive -- just a little bit -- but come on, America. Move On. You know, like the Left has done. It may have been the worst single thing to happen to America for three generations, but as these things go, in much of the world having your village attacked and most of your acquaintances killed is a common thing. Pick almost any country in Africa, or many regions in the Middle East, Israel included -- China, or Soviet Russia, where the government itself is/was the terrorist -- and reconsider. Our 3000 dead, out of a population of 300 million, well I know I'm being Bill Maher stupid, but get some perspective, people.

Indeed. Perspective. It's not about post traumatic stress, or reverence for the fallen, or on-going health issues. It's the resolve to find and kill the enemy. Given that the media elite continue to protect us from the actual images so thoroughly preserved via countless cameras, it's hard to take this commiseration seriously. We don't need only the monuments and the flowers at memorials. We need the taste of asbestos dust and the stench of day-old blood. A present reminder. Lest our first passion grow cold.

It's like being invaded by Martians though, isn't it. An alien race that looks upon us with cold rage through a reptilian faith, feigning heat because it suits some habit of mind. Oh, we're so enraged by the idea of your decadence. They plot their assaults, laying in wait, women and children are the sweetest victims -- they have such soft bones.

Moslems aren't bad, mostly. They're just typical humans. Stupid, lazy, cowardly. Don't make waves. Better to let the haters have their way. Maybe they won't come for me. And if they do, maybe I can join them. Honestly, we have seen it before, this whole Punch and Judy shambles. Arabs are a bit more ramshackle than their orderly Aryan brethren, but we have so very much seen it before.

So today, when the car bomb does or does not go off, don't be angry with me, for knowing a future that is as predictable as a sunrise. What do vandals do? Rapists? Poisoners? We are all true to our natures -- the scorpion included.

Ten years, and what? Status quo, as I see it. New enemies for old. It's not an Arab spring, it's an Arab fall. It's what happens when you suppose a tribal people could understand the greater world. We're dealing with a child-sacrificing moon-cult, fer cripes sake ... of course they are eager to burn down the world to destroy us. Is al-Queda weaker? Broken? Irrelevant. Hey, Lefty -- it's your phrase, so obey it: follow the money. Iran? Saudi Arabia? Imagine a country named after its ruling dictators. Money can always buy chaos from crazy men. Stuck in their leather tents, they can bay at the moon. But somehow we import them past our borders. Let the wolf guard your babes -- it'll be find ... have faith.

Why? Because we're crazy too, and stupid. Like everyone. Adam had a paradise, and look what happened. Upshot? Who will save us? Obama? Politicians? No. Heroes will save us. Don't you know that? If you've forgotten, well, it's been ten years, and that's a long time. Look on YouTube. Maybe there's a video, somewhere, of a hero or two.

Happy Nine Eleven Day.


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