Friday, September 9, 2011


I am, frankly, a little embarrassed. It's so obvious, so very very obvious, and I never thought to do it before. I took a look at Hybrids, from a few weeks ago, and then just now went looking at various neanderthal skulls, to see how different they were from Homo erectus. You know, because we Evolved, from germs, and from inert matter, out of the Big Bang, which happened for no reason. Isn't that what science proves? Go back far enough, and you find randomness and spontaneously forming organization? Of course it is. Read a book, ignoramus.

So here are some neanderthal skulls:
and here are a couple of Homo erectus:

...well, this last guy has fangs, so there's that. But no, not necessarily fangs. I mean, he has no gums ... and lots of people have a long canine. The notable feature however for all these individuals is that slopping bony forehead. So primitive. So apelike. Clearly not human. Humans after all are white. Not these dark races, these, uh, you know ... subhumans. Man I hate them all so much. Stinking animals. They breed like rats, they live like pigs -- can't read, can't write, can't think. Hitler was right.

Oh, did you think that was my opinion? LOL. No, That's what the Evolutionists must think. You know it's true, for two reasons. First, they think that some humans are more human than others, depending on the Evolution some races have enjoyed over others. You know, they think that some races are closer to this,
a gorilla, or this,
an orangutan, or this,
a chimp.

And that's what I'm embarrassed about. When you compare different races of humans, there are, well, differences. Of course. The lovely, high, straight, Aryan brow we find idealized in textbooks, so intelligent and superior and human, when compared to the sloping microcephalic lump of the mudpeople ... well, Hitler was right ... if you're an Evolutionist. Except, when you compare any of the human skulls with any of these true ape skulls ... the difference is not one of interpretation or opinion. It is beyond dramatic. It is decisive. You are dealing with animals, or with humans, with no ambiguity betwixt. Is that not obvious?

Paleontologists have a number of dirty little secrets. One is that ape bones and human are often found together, and an Evolutionist has little reason for not confusing them as belonging to a single individual. Nuff said. Another is that you can frequently adjust the angle of the facial plate re the cranium, because of the fragmentary condition in which these bones are found. You can slope the face out and make it look like an animal, or tilt it in to make it look human. It's not dishonest -- just a bias at work ... and that's called opinion.

But really. I have a bit of a keel running longways along the top of my head, like Captain Picard. Oh, I've got lots of bones. I've got bone where most people don't have body. Jealous? In no way to be mistaken as brutal or stupid, thank you very much. If anything, because it is me we're talking about, it is a sign of superiority, of course. Are we therefore to conflate bone morphology that falls within the human continuum, with apes? Does that chimp snout or those fangs, or the flaring sagittal crests of male apes, look anything like the previous, human bones? It answers itself.

Second, this guy:

Probably still alive. A native Malaysian. Indeed, that is one dramatic forehead. I thought I was spectacular, but this vato has me beat by inches. Get the point? Dude's skull is not even neanderthal. Homie is erectus.

And here are some pix I got off a neo-Nazi site. You know, Evolutionist:
Spike Lee, noted racist and sloping-forehead possessor.

Some black dude, Rodney Rhines according to this impeccible source, with not so much an ape forehead as, well, need we say it?

And my favorite, Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev:
Now that is one impressive brow! Wowwie! But being me, so kind, so merciful, I've airbrushed this brute's forehead into something a bit more human.

Hmm. I may have to re-think this man's humanity. It seems there is room for a human brain in that skulls. It's not that he doesn't have cranial capacity. It's that he has extra bone. Like me! Well then. He must be a genius.

And while we're at it, let's see what we can do for poor Rodney.
Oh my. My my my. Rodney is quite a handsome black man. If I, with my crude Paint skills, can so recraft Rodney's features, imagine what a slightly more benevolent Providence could have had in store for him. We might know him through his pictures in fashion mags, rather than municipal police department mug shots. Fellow looks like Mario Van Peebles. Beauty is a game of inches. Shorten his profile by three inches, and he's a rock star.

But it's the comparison between human, any human, and animal that is dispositive. It's so clear that to see is to be corrected. I must have been the first person to ever think to do it. Typical. You mere humans are so limited. It's so lonely, being Homo superioris. How I pity you, so contemptible, so loathsome. But I digress.

Or do I.


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