Thursday, July 12, 2012


So Penn State did an internal investigation and found that there had been a reckless disregard at all levels re the constant in the sense of long-term buggery of little boys by Sandusky. All morning long the phrase "football cowards" has echoed between my ears. You know, cuz of the idea that football in some way has anything at all to do with the term "hero." Anal intercourse upon 10 year olds in communal showers is, uh, a right? -- a public service? -- an initiation into young manhood? Hey coach, put me in! If there is any lack of clarity re grown men playing a game chasing after balls, like dogs ... well, insert here your own joke re dogs and balls. (Hint: "doggy style", "balls slash penis", "anus".) Venerable deceased Joe Paterno, in charge of PU's football & sodomy program, knew and did nothing. Wink wink. His corpse should be dug up and fed to pigs. May the stink of his indifference pollute his name forever. Fucking scum.

Just wanted to share.

There's a Sorkin show on TV now, The Newsroom. Unwatchable. Utter garbage. There's a slight temptation for me to explicate it in detail, almost line by line, pointing out the corruption, but that's too much bother. Oh, slick production, if a bit old-hat by now, sort of a West Wing vibe to it, and that was, like, from decades ago. And the dialog sounds slick too, until you think about it. Then it's just glib. So easy for the supposed Republican anchor to win his prosecutorial point, against the genuinenly stupid Tea Party activist morons. Lovely the way the "evidence" is cherry picked and stacked. Convincing the way definitions are twisted to make the point that the Lefties want to make. Easy and lovely and convincing, beating up these rightwing strawmen. That's the politics. As for the writing itself, it's the obvious cheap setup and payoff thing -- tell a story, distract, sum up with a callback to the story. It's not hack per se. It's hack because it's a one-trick pony. Hey, Sorkin, knowing a formula and having a grasp of political jargon and having yer actors talk fast ... that in itself ain't good writing.

My foolish mother, out of christian charity, had been driving my father, her ex spouse from 35 years ago, to the doctor, weekly. He now has an irregular heartbeat, and needed some sort of shock to re set it, which did not work. She now finds his conduct and demeanor/demeaner intolerable and was all guilty about cancelling her contacts. She wanted something from me, and I couldn't tell what, but it was just that female thing of affirmation and sympathy, which I'm not good at. I finally got the point though, and the upshot is, to hell with him. He simply doesn't let her speak. "Don't scold me!" "Let me speak!" "No, I do the talking!" "Don't finish my stories!"

I'd visit him, out of guilt, but I can't face it alone, trapped with his madness in his mausoleum. So nobody visits him. I wonder how long his body will lie there, before it's found. Probably only a few days, or weeks. He has tenants.

I have been silent in these pages for quite a while. I don't know. No reason. You don't appreciate me, but I no longer write here out of a feeling of obligation to you. I do as I please.



Will C. said...

We're still here J...

We still <3 Jack...

We still hang on ur every wurd...

(And some of us r still waiting on those shoes)

Jack H said...

It's just that I haven't been able to find any shoes for feet with seven toes. You know how it is.

Will C. said...

It does give one an advantage when playing the banjo...btw I'm watching Crossfit Games on espn for the first time...pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

I'm #82 in the world for old guys. Booyah!

bob k. mando said...

but I no longer write here out of a feeling of obligation to you.

that's why i keep coming here, Jack. your morbid sense of humor.

you never did write out of a feeling of obligation to us.

I'd visit him, out of guilt, but I can't face it alone, trapped with his madness in his mausoleum. So nobody visits him.

even his OTHER son named Jack doesn't visit him?


so he treats everyone else in the whole world just like he treats you. you don't even get the abuse to call your own.

i guess they lied when they told you that you where 'special'.

going on two years now since i've spoken to my father.

*high five*

bob k. mando said...

oh yes, you've displayed a fascination with both queers and muslims.

i think you'll find this news article is right up your alley. well, it's right up SOMEBODY'S alley:

you can't make this stuff up. nobody would believe you.

Anonymous said...

I'd characterize your use of the word "fascination" as an example of projection, but we'll let it slide.

Nobody ever told me I was special. It's something my excellence proclaims.

Call your dad. What are you, a monster?