Friday, October 5, 2012

Conversion Factors

America survived the Civil War.  It can survive Obama.  $16 trillion of debt?  What does that translate into as 1865 dollars, and what was the debt then?  Well, using cost estimates for the War from this site, and "economic power" dollar values from this site, we have this:

North war cost, $6.2 billion, and South, $2.1 billion, total, $8.3 billion;  "econ power" inflation, times 1,530;  cost of War in today's dollars, $12.7 trillion.

For the less mathematically inclined of our readers, we will point out that 12 in cost is a smaller number than 16 in debt.

Oh.  Hmm. We had thought that our point would be that we survived the horrific financial burden of the Civil War, so we could certainly survive a lesser, modern debt.  But our debt is greater.  That can't be right.  Some other inflation conversion factor must be more apropos.  I mean, how could Obama be sitting on a debt that's more than the Civil War cost ... and he wants to make it BIGGER!?

Like, how much did Obama squander on his cronies at Solyndra -- like $530 billion?  Can this be right?  $810.9 quadrillion in 1865 money?  Nudging up to a quintillion.  A quadrillion here, a quadrillion there, pretty soon yer talkin bout real money.

Well, regardless of math with estimated conversion factors, it's a historically unique debt.  In case you don't know it, every American man, woman, child and infant owes Obama over $50,000 -- $79 million in 1865 dollars.  Ha, ha, O-ba-ma, how many bucks will you squandah? (No, I confess, that doesn't really work: Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?  Remember?)

Two things.  Obama's October surprise, I hope, is the unemployment figures ginned up and released today.  Finally, for the first time, under 8%.  Hurray.  Never mind about all those people shunted over onto welfare  (because Obama decreed it so), who no longer have to look for work, and therefore are not unemployed.  Never mind that each month all summer fewer jobs have been created.  Because after his stumble bum performance at the "debate", if the best he's got is a few tenths of a percent teased out to make Obama look a tiny bit less incompetent, well, please continue along this path for the next four and a half weeks, unto the full measure of your haplessness, and then be voted out.

Have I ever mentioned how stupid you are, for electing this poseur?  His only talent is self-confidence. Not even a good speaker, as it turns out.  How could you have been so stupid?

But even so, America can survive.   Regardless of the actual cost of the Civil War, financial and in human terms, it was incalculable.  Our current debt is not as great as that.  Regarding the decay of our civilization, well, slavery was an assault on our values too.  Gay "marriage" and illegitimacy and drugs and incredible Big Government takeover of little government's rights -- well, civil rights were abrogated during the War, and our institutions were challenged, and all that,  and we recovered.

It isn't about character.  It's about will.  There are plenty of actual Americans left.  Question is, will they fight.  This is the first election ever that I'm going to donate money to a political campaign.  Politicians can go get screwed.  But this time there's such a clear difference, under such important circumstances, that to do too little is to do nothing at all.

America can survive Obama's reelection.  The way any conquered people survive an occupation.  By transformation, or through resolve.  Obama wants the former -- fundamental change.  I'm for resolve.

I forgot what the second thing was.


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