Saturday, October 20, 2012


Barack H. Obama, super genius of incredible oratorical superlative nonpareil masterfulness, converted a hostile crowd of arch conservatives to his enlightened progressive polices through the unmatched power of his persuasive forensic puissance.  In perhaps the most brilliant verbal trope ever employed in history, President Obama launched a devastating neologism at his right-wing neo-con reactionary woman-hating opponent, Mitt Romney.

Said the leader of the free world, Romney is "forgetting what his own positions are, and he’s betting that you will, too. I mean, he he’s changing up so much and backtracking and sidestepping [hoots and laughter] -- we’ve gotta eh we we gotta we gotta name this condition that he’s going through. I think aa aach aa ah it’s called “Romnesia.” [uproarious laughter and unrestrained applause.]

Well, maybe I might have overstated Obama's genius a little bit, although the transcript has been corrected to represent what was actually said.  Maybe some White House staffer or other government paycheck collector spent several tens of millions of dollars conducting a study to come up with that bit of wit.  On the other hand, maybe it was just scribbled down on a napkin and then hacked together into a shoddy ad hominem stump speech, unproofed and unrehearsed, because, after all, Obama's speeches are directed, all of them, at adoring teenagers, self-loathing America/capitalism/male-hating Leftists, blacks, unionists, parasites, and withered hippies.


So I took precisely three seconds and created an equally incisiveness retort.  Obandonment.  "Uh um er, eh, maybe maybe uh maybe Mr Obama um er has forgotten h-his duty to er uh his um office and cuh cuh cuh country.  Huh eh acq hah but I mean er eh I I I uh Achq mean he he hehe haahaa has Obandoned..."  And there follows a long list of just a few of Obama's countless failures to fulfill virtual all of the actually serious obligations of the office his considers himself sufficient to continue to hold.

I can't be bothered to make a (long) list.  I was disappointed by Hugh Hewitt's book, "The Brief Against Obama." One of the few political books I've bought recently, and I found it slight.  He stated positions rather than evidence.  Not much of an indictment.  Disappointing.  Maybe Medved's book is better, but I'm not that interested.

But a list isn't hard to make.  Obama's hostility to American oil (shutting down the Gulf, the Keystone Pipeline, increased regulation on oil, gas and coal, rather than a loosening in this critical time), compared to his devotion to foreign oil -- 'we'll be Brazil's best customer.'  His dereliction re terrorism -- drone-bombing al-Queda leaders must be matched by protecting ambassadors and labeling their murderers as terrorists, and killing said terrorists.  His Obandoment of American sovereignty -- the Law of the Sea, UN internet tax, UN billionaire's tax (what tax, once introduced, continues to apply only to the original limited target group? -- the income tax originally applied only to American millionaires.)  Etc.  It just goes on.  He'll have more flexibility with the Russians once he's re-elected.  Say what?

America is decadent and on the decline.  Consider the profoundly unamerican situation, that a citizen cannot work without government permission, via Social Security licensure.  I ran into that fact some years ago when I need to produce a SS card, and didn't have one -- it had been stolen, in Australia.  Unable to work, until I got that permission.  Say what?  The more one thinks about that, the more offensive to the fundamentals of the American idea it becomes.  Imagine what the framers of the Constitution would have thought.   Unthinkable.  Oh well, can't unring that antiliberty bell, but even so, Government is TOO BIG.

The beauty of the Federal system is that there's some other place to run to.  If some state, say, California, succumbs to rampant socialism, productive tax payers can flee to a more American state, and leave the would-be Confiscator to collapse under its own corruption.  That's the theory.  From many, one -- but still many.  Big government is the opposite of that.  I won't elaborate.  It's obvious.

I am displeased.  America is the hope of the world, but it is unmanning itself.  Thus do the righteous fall, succumbing to temptation after perhaps a productive and honorable career of humanitarianism.  Pigs beg to be slept with -- what is a prodigal to do?  But there is repentance as well, and a return home, to first principles, discipline and self-sacrifice.  That after all is the definition of patriotism.  Not just a love of country, but sacrifice for it.

The latest "Town Hall" "debate" -- Obama aided of course by the "moderator" -- called to mind a previous such episode, when some typical American, female, thought herself clever and showed herself smug by asking of a candidate, "What can you do for me?"  I will refrain from any sexually-charged abusive comment on her intelligence.  It would have been too much to hope that the candidate recall JFK's phrase, "Ask not what your country can do for you..." -- perhaps to continue the idea with something like, "Let us both, you and I, and all of us in this hall and throughout the nation, stand up, step forward and resume that most noble, most American task, of promoting freedom, personal responsibility, generosity, opportunity, freedom." Etc.  The words are easy.  How beautiful the idea.  What a sweet moment that would have been.

Please, please, America, you dumb bitch, please understand the severity of these times, the sword tip hard into our belly and unabashed enemies surrounding us, foreign and domestic.  This is not a time for humility.  It is a time for pride.  Pride works hard and takes responsibility.  It accepts charity only to save loved ones.  Our loved ones are our progeny.  We must not squander their future, bestowing charity upon ourselves, charity stolen from our children.  This is a time for sacrifice.  It is time, finally, after these several generations of un-self-critical indulgence, to man up.


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