Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After the Blowdown

I awoke this morning disoriented and fatigued after a fitful, painful sleep. Something, something I needed to remember. Ah. Yesterday I was wrongly convicted of child abuse and assault. Yesterday I discovered my wife had given me syphilis. Yesterday I lost my job at the same time that I lost my reputation, my career and my assets. Yesterday one of my sons stabbed me in the back. Yesterday Obama was reelected.

America has left us. Now we must consider the nature of love. Are we to love America only when she is honorable and wise? What of when she is foolish and selfish and greedy and short-sighted and destructive? Shall we love her even when she is recalcitrant, irredeemable? -- when she like Israel goes whoring after other gods? And America herself? -- is she the land, topography, or a history, or a people, or a form of government?

There is of course no America. Only an idea and a continuity of identity, like a corporation. Like the ship of Odysseus, year after year wending the wine-dark seas, all the while worn-out parts replaced with new until no original piece remained. It is the same, yet not. So with America. She has changed, fallen frankly from a higher place, luxuriating in license while forgetting what liberty means. Human nature does not change, but nations do. What are we to do with this syphilitic whore?

Pray, and work, for her redemption.

Immigrants have been a great strength to this nation. Adventurous, courageous to leave their homelands and carve out a way in the American wilderness. God bless them -- they deserve our gratitude. But something has changed. In former decades our new fellow Americans came because this was the land of opportunity, and they wanted some of that, prospering and contributing. Now they are coming not for the opportunity but for the wealth. We are a rich country, and they want that wealth redistributed downward, their way. They flee their own corrupt homelands not to make something better, but to take from what hasn't yet been completely looted. In a social welfare state, to allow the unskilled immigrant unfettered entrance is to invite the Vandal, the Visigoth, who have no stake and feel no loyalty. Of course they come to work. But they harvest, and do not plant.

Very racist-sounding I am sure. But what does race have to do with it? It's about culture, and about human nature. Two of my three sisters-in-law are foreign-born and -raised. I want Third World immigration. How else would I ever find a mate? But, legal, please.  Rule of law radiating both ways -- that is our social compact.  Instead of the current conspiracy, government plantation overseers on the one hand, and underclass semi-dependents on the other.  Spurred on by the minstrel show of the media, oblivious to their own racism: after all, they are -- so sincere and secure -- entertaining us.

God has indeed handed us over to Satan. I mean it. But these things happen. There was, you see, no Great Repentance. Even Assyria had a Great Repentance, and it was an empire as wicked as the Aztecs'. There needed to have been a Day or Week or Month of Fasting, and I heard not one single solitary call for it, but maybe I wasn't listening, and in any case I myself never thought of it until too too late.

So now we have what we have, with his ability to appoint Supreme Court justices, hopefully not replacing any conservatives if they can hold on, but replacing with something even somehow worse Ginsburg and Breyer and the swinger Kennedy. And now we will have the privilege of the government being a third confidant in the doctor-patient relationship. If you can't trust an impartial bureaucrat... and what party is there that could possibly be more disinterested than the government? Or do I mean impersonal. And we will have a vitiated military, not paper but perhaps a cardboard tiger, just big enough to be not quite big enough. And all the anti-sovereignty UN "treaties" brewing in the works. And now we get to find out what ever shall be done with the enhanced "flexibility" Obama's mandate grants him re Vladimir.  And, of course, how could we forget, oil.

We have to love people. They are so weak and foolish. They are so unwise. For my part, I am, it appears, a generally unforgiving man, once I perceive the magnitude and deliberate nature of an offense. My justification is that repentance is such a rare thing. In this instance, Obama's reelection, I am just another victim. God judges humanity through its nations, and nations through their leaders. The USSR had no choice, nor most any of the desperate and despised Third World. For this, their down-trodden peoples deserve mercy. America chooses, and we are so corrupt that the very word, choice, is a rite and an abomination of Moloch.

Yes, I think you are very stupid, unspeakably so, and a whore. You are a drug addict abortionist gay-agenda anti-God traitor. You need to be driven naked through the streets spurred on with a whip. You need to hunch in broken glass, cradling the head of your dead child, wiping ashes from his face with your hair and your tears. But... you will. So you will need love, and forgiveness, and compassion.

First things first, though.


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