Thursday, November 15, 2012

Undoing America

This reelection is a catastrophe. Because the pages of FP have been the playground of excess, you might suppose I'm being satirical. No. It really couldn't be worse, the reelection of this incompetent fool. It is precicely as if Jimmy Carter -- do I capitalize his name? -- I've forgotten ... as if jimmy carter had been reelected. Instead of Reagan's correction, it would have been, uh, four more years of the rabbit. For more fears: OBAMA!

So we're in Alternate Historyland. I like science fiction. It's too much work to explicate thoroughly -- I'm not being paid, you know -- but suppose the USSR had not been stressed by Reagan's policies? An evil empire that did not fall. Now we have an empire in the making, during the Obama Error -- a Caliphate simply awaiting its own Obama, another The One, somehow, charismatic and inspired with some Genius, some Jinn of dark purpose. Understand, I like Islamic culture. Of all dark age systems, it is the least awful. Less mud. Let them have the civilization they want. But it is the nature of a Caliphate, as of a USSR, to expand.

Good ideas prevail, in the free marketplace of ideas. But where is there such a thing as a free marketplace. Do I even have that phrase right? Marketplace of free ideas? Idea-free marketplace? Entrenched powers manipulate markets, governments, to gain more power. In California, the worst state (because it should be the best), it is the unions and the super-majority Left -- I won't make a list of their perversions. In the US, there is no free marketplace of ideas, because that would require a free press, and academic freedom. Free means equal under just rules, which demands the balanced scales of justice, and there is no balance in the media -- a fair hearing of legitimate disagreement -- so there is no free press. Left press. As long as that is the case, the downward slide is unstoppable.

I have a waiver on Godwin's law, so I can with impunity cite the Third Reich. Goebbels was Reich Minister of Propaganda. That's right, an office of government that was all about propaganda. Goebbels was certainly the equal of Himmler and Goering in Hitlers affections, and it was Goebbles who bunkered down with Hitler at the end. Point is, propaganda. In America the gross mass of the gross mass media establishment is an arm of the Left. Not just a left arm, but the corpus. How can freedom prevail, where it has no voice? Liberty does not ring forth.

Likewise with the classroom. It is Left dominated. Youth is already unwise and ignorant. Is it a conspiracy, to keep them so and call it education? I won't expand on the idea. In any case, when the forces that shape and fill our minds are bigoted, this can hardly be called freedom. And a weak military in a fearsome world. And exorbitant energy costs, or unavailable energy as Sandy just demonstrated. And bureaucrats outnumbering productive people. And aliens invading, with impunity and contempt.

Enemies, without and within. This is what is technically called "decadence." Which brings me to my point. I think America is done. The debt will be dealt with via hyperinflation, which will destroy the middle class. Coercive government and public-sector unions (read, government) will undermine any reality of personal independence, leaving only the verbiage of freedom. Obama mouths platitudes about us being a free people, while he takes over the care of our health. Etc. Insanity.

Well, empires disintegrate. The road back to freedom requires less government power. How could such a thing ever happen. Consider the USSR, the British Empire, Yugoslavia, Iraq -- any unnatural welding of unlike parts. The idol with feet of iron mixed with clay. When these things are put together, we think they will stand forever. But they don't.

When we say we love America, what is it we mean? Lincoln loved the Union. Can there be an America without a Union? Yes or no, there cannot be freedom with this present Union on its present course. Is it unconstitutional for a state to secede? Law as it stands says, illegal. But the United States came to be through revolution, unlawful. Justified through natural law.

A people who would reelect Obama is unworthy of its blessings. Punishment is coming, a vicious thrashing by reality. I'm going to buy a generator, a futile act but I must do something. Revolution? Of course not. Science fiction stuff. But decay unto putrefaction. I catastrophize of course. So what if America just becomes Europe West. Some other power will rise to fill the void, and Europe, and Western Annex, like the rest of the world, will plod along. Since mankind has so rarely lived in freedom, its lose is to be expected. Freedom in any case is a relative term. Are we adolescents, to believe in ideals?

Even if there were a revolution, it would not be the revolutionaries who caused America's undoing. It was the Left, and a complacent, unworthy, corrupt American people. It is the nature of the prodigal to seek out the company of pigs. I have rambled here, but the issue is clear: what is it that we love, and how can we reclaim it. I do not owe loyalty to politicians or to government itself, but to the Constitution and the principles it embodies. The oppressed do not owe loyalty to the tyrant. The hostage does not owe loyalty to the terrorist. Somewhere in there is the correct analogy. Bottom line is, Americans must be independent. The alternative is not dependence, but slavery.

Big talk. It will come to nothing. It is the nature of decadence to be ineffective.


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Will C. said...

All too true...classic Jack H. stuff. But you need cheering up, and since you have a waiver on Godwin's Law then I'll take liberties with the inverse of Godwin's...or negative inverse of it. I present to you...