Friday, December 14, 2012


The best and most fantastic thing about Obama's reelection is that now I can be so very much more agreeable.  In the old, BO days, Before Obama, when the Lefties were unceasingly asserting how bad America and Americans were, selfish and greedy and fat and stupid, I would hasten to correct them, saying they meant humans, not Americans.  I will no longer be asserting that point.  Now Americans have clarified and affirmed their stupidity and laziness and stupidness and greed and stupidosity and incompetence and stupiditude.

Every now and again I find myself saying, outloud, whether I'm alone or in public, in an exaggerated hayseed backwoods voice, Mahyjuk buhynz?!  Were kin Ah git me sum uv theym mahyjuk buhynz!?!   We've just traded all our pigs for some of them magic beans -- I mean, they're magic!  So I can agree with the Lefties.  It's not even a compromise.  I'm on their side.  I've been converted.  Americans are the stupidest.  America is the stupidest.

Aside from the macro destruction, slow but inexorable like the progression of ice age glaciation, we have the localized insanity, today, of a massacre at a Connecticut elementary school.  There simply are no words for it.  An entire classroom of kindergarten children murdered.  The killer first murdered his father -- perhaps, speculatively, I won't bother to corroborate this -- in New Jersey, then transported himself to his mother's hometown and murdered her in her home, then went to the school where she taught and murdered her little students.

The murderer was dressed all in black.  Some official, or a talking head, or talking mouth on the radio, characterized the killer as "troubled."  He didn't seem to have much trouble.  Euphemisms.  Well, as I said, words cannot suffice.  No word or words will do.  Scum, garbage, monster ... "shooter", etc.  Meaningless in their inadequacy.  There is no consolation, no justice, no explanation or understanding.  There is only the inevitability of Hell -- the purpose for which God made it.  Had the killer not killed himself, the only appropriate response would be summary execution, first armed man on the scene puts a bullet into his head, no goodbyes, no speeches.  Mad dogs need to be put down.  Isn't it a shame that there are mad dogs.  Tsk tsk.  But kill them.

Dressed all in black.  He wanted to be scary, see.  All those tens of thousands of hours he had spent playing video games, kill games -- the concrete fantasy he had constructed in his mind, the sexual emotion power terror of it all.  Kewl.

The Lefties, who have been proven right by the recent Revolution, will of course be right in their triumphant calls for gun control.  I think this will do it, actually.  The next big thing.  Save the children -- not repeal but ignore the Second Amendment -- just a scrap of paper.  First Term, ObamaCare; Second Term, SaveTheChildren.  It's obvious.  So my idea, of banning killgames -- it's a nonstarter.  Guns, not murderers, slaughter kindergarten classrooms.  It would be unconstitutional to ban killgames.  Free speech.  First Amendment.  The Constitution rules, and never mind any apparent inconsistencies contained within this paragraph.  You need to get your head right with Obama.  It's a New Age.

You notice I have not spoken of grief.  Did I not say there were no words? I have no emotion.  This is the way the world is.  It's the new normal.  I'm not being my usual sarcastic insensitive self when I say we can expect more of this.  We are the terrorist islamists now, who want to destroy our civilization.  We stupid stupid stupid worthless scum Americans, who see what is good and innocent and sweet and kind and generous, and are impelled to hate and destroy it.  I expected the onset of the Tribulation to be more obvious in its religious nature.  Turns out to be a lack of religion that set it a-going.  Islamism doesn't count -- it is on the outside, and cancer is what will get us.  The islamist can sit out this Jihad -- we'll do the job ourselves.

The killer is reported to have been developmentally challenged, Asperger's perhaps, an A student, Honors, with no interpersonal skills at all, always alone, didn't appear in the school yearbook, pencils in his pocket, walked with his hands straight at his sides.  Mother said to be very attentive.  Very clean house.  Highly involved with her kids.

So something like 20 little coffins, and a few adult-sized ones, will be the most recent monument to our culture, where regardless of reports to the contrary I believe adolescents are left alone in their rooms to drive themselves mad with videogames and web pornography, while not one single adult makes more than one single effort to intervene, intercede, rescue, pray for, this lost indifferent poisoned desperate and degenerate generation, whatever its trendy denomination, Gen Y, Gen Mill, Gen Nil.

That's all.


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you said it better than I could.