Monday, January 7, 2013


I've been in intermittent and semi-debilitating pain since October.  Finally made a chiropractor apt, but it was for two weeks away, which ends tomorrow.  See if he can crack my spine into place.  I frankly expect to feel good, for a little bit, and then it goes back to what it knows.  So that would not be a solution.  Don't want to be negative though.

Got some building inspector issues going on, which is disquieting and fretsome.  It's not so much worry.  I've had real catastrophes, so I've learned some equilibrium.  But life has not increased my innate optimism.  Barely even supporting it. Neither can I sustain a belief in Americanism, the American spirit, American exceptionalism.  That has been voted out of office.  Yet another cause for mourning.

My observation is that it takes a certain, call it European mindset, to want to work for the government, as a bureaucrat.  Not an entirely fair statement, but understandable when we consider the alternative to government work, which would be private business.  The latter, well, that's American ... old-school American.  Authentic American, like some jive talking gangstah is authentically black.  Was that gratuitous?  Some less confrontational example might have been adduced?  Call in an artifact of my new-found enlightenment.

There never was an America, of course.  It's always been a myth, the way Aryanism was a Nazi mythic identity.  Only ours was for good.  Ah well.  When the god Pan died, all the Classical pagan world fell to grieving.  Oh, you don't know that story?  It's in Plutarch.  A divine voice announced it over the waters.  So, weep for Pan for he is dead.

As is my wont, I've given some thought to Hell.  I think it's just a place, as it were, a state of being, entirely outside the presence of God.  A place of complete futility and utter meaninglessness.  Not a place of active torment.  A place to spend eternity, alone with your thoughts. The Outer Darkness.  Hell.  The Lake of Fire is clearly a more dynamic image.  I take it as applying solely to the fallen, the damned angels. A different fate for a different order of being. I haven't done a study of this -- just working from memory.  Gehenna, where the worm does not die nor the fire go out -- this is the fate of most humans, but it's not literal.  ;Hell as Gehenna is the Valley of Hinnom, the city dump outside of Jerusalem.  You know, where garbage went, some burned, some wormed, but the point is just to get rid of it.  That's human damnation. Out of my sight.  Once out of sight, God gives no more thought to it, for punishment, any more than he gives thought to the sins of those who are forgiven.  Heaven is fulfilling work.  Hell is eternal futility.

Pretty good, eh?  Thought of it myself.

For reasons of my own, I've been dipping far back into these pages again.  I don't remember most of what I've written here. But man, I'm good.  There must have been a few years there where I was literally inspired.  What a waste.

So it turns out that God would rather have America come to an end, than have a Mormon President.  Better the hypocritical lipservice of a false and nominal Christian (not a secret Moslem), than a good man who denies and changes the nature of Jesus Christ (as the Mormons do -- spirit brother of Lucifer).  For all that Jesus rebuked the hypocrites, it is they who make the world go round just as much as the spiritually just.  Good works, after all, are good works.

Jonah preached repentance in the avenues of Nineveh, and that vile empire was granted another 40 years.  We need a 4th Great Awakening.  Or we need 2nd 9-11.  Here's my sad, grim, almost traitorous prediction:  Washington DC will be nuked with a dirty bomb.  Silly-time needs to be over, and no small rebuke will do.  If God cares for America, he will punish it.  I don't want it.  I don't know if I even expect it.  But the Prodigal is comfortable with his pigs, no self-loathing at all, no repenting of himself.  If the Father loves him, no more time will be spent waiting at the gate, gazing forlornly down the road, a tear in his heart.  America, stupid lazy corrupt betraying America, needs a father who comes marching with angry strides down the road, braiding together leather cords into a whip.  Boom.

Thank you, Allah and your disciples, for recalling to our minds that America loves God.


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