Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Unnogurination Day for The Occupant of the Benighted State of Newmerica

No, not Elephants on Parade. Rather, The Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic.  Give them their day.  Like Satanists and Nazis and child molesters and traitors, they think they're right.  And, like Darth Vader, from their point of view they are.  America is just another country, but bad because it has misused power. Did I mischaracterize anything there?

Really, one of the worst, most eyebrow raising speeches I've ever heard.  What a hack.  Incredible cynicism.  Did you catch it?  Did you hear? He was actually, literally  barefacedly imitating the actual speech patterns of MLK.  That's all I have to say about that.

With the confirmation of Obamaism, I have lost faith with America.  It has lost faith with me.  America, by which is meant the voting majority, is a whore.  So many whores in my life.  This is to say nothing at all.  Every country is a whore.  The difference is that, of all countries, harsh reality aside, it is America that has had, up until this time, the best mythology.  We had the best aspirations, the most noble creation myth, the highest benevolence and idealism.  Doesn't matter whether or not we were right.  No one is good.  We tried to be good -- not as a government, but as a people.  Now, by rejecting our myth, we've made it into a lie.  Just another country, with citizens, or occupiers, migrants, exercising the tyranny of the majority, confiscating the wealth of the wealthy and of the future.  Not just like any other country, then.  Worse.

Gun control is the most current distraction from the real issue of incorrigible spending and debt.  Look, stupid, something shiny!  The Second Amendment is there to protect the First. It’s not about hunting, sport, or crime. It’s a check and balance against the Government. The Second Amendment is military. Of course the Founders didn’t anticipate fully automatic assault rifles, not for citizens and not for soldiers. They didn’t anticipate a permanent standing army, either.  What they knew was that whatever soldiers have access to, so with civilians -- citizen soldiers. If the government neglects to regulate a militia, that does not remove the right of citizens to arm themselves. Such is my thinking on the matter. Not mainstream, but accurate.

 If an oppressive government takes over -- or continues to grow -- and armed agents under color of law are sent to destroy liberty (read, The Constitution) ... do citizens have the right to fight back?  If self-defense is not an absolute right, there is no such thing.  It’s not a matter of law -- rules that entrenched apparatchiks decide they want -- but of Natural Law, which is the very authority that allowed the Colonies to seize independence from the Crown. Which rebellion was unlawful, under British law. But not unlawful. Simple. It may very well be that the Confederate states had a right to secede. They did not have the power. The Second Amendment takes at least a faltering step in the direction of throwing off a Despotic Federal Regime -- you know, one that seeks to rule by Executive Order.

 Ah well. Theory about how things should be can make you crazy. My theory is that voting should be tied to owning property -- as has been the case throughout history.  Voters need to be citizens, who are vested in the best long-term general welfare.  Words like comity and commonweal and probity come to mind.  My reasoning is that, if the indigent and idle poor can vote, they will vote higher taxes that go to themselves.  Killing the Golden Goose. Under other circumstances this would be called charity, but, per the dominant Leftist ethos, charity steals dignity. I don’t think anyone under age 25 should vote ... isn’t that the case in Switzerland? – or used to be?  Immature opinions do not improve in quality just because they constitute a significant power block. I could defend these theories much more rigorously, but couldn’t be bothered. Just write me off as a reactionary crank.

 Here’s what I thought when I was listening to the radio news, about French protests re gay marriage. The spin is that gays want equal rights. The obvious answer is that they have equal rights – they can marry any legally consenting oppsex adult. (Yet another new word from Your Humble Author.) What I realized is that gamarriagists want not equal but extra rights. They want to be able to marry twice as many people as otherwise. One might say hetero won’t marry same sex and homo won’t marry opposite, so it evens out. But that’s the case now. No one can marry just anyone they want -- can’t marry your closest blood relatives, or the currently-married, or the underaged or those who cannot give consent, or animals or corpses. The matter is clear. It’s impolite to point it out, but the moral clarity is questionable of people who think the anus is a sexual organ.

Charles Krauthammer, brilliant in his brevity, answers those who think a Republican House can impose its will: "The country chose Obama.  He gets four years."  Four more years.  This is the reality.  We, the collective, the Collective we of Post-America,  Neo-America, The Collective State of Newmerica, Wemerica, somebody stop me, have spoken with the voice of Democracy.

Now we can see, finally, why there have been so few democracies in history.  Churchill was wrong -- this is not the worst form of government, except for all the others.  It's as bad as any other.  It's the people that make a country great, and we have changed.  We call back to Ancient Greece, the democracy of Athens, and its decent into tyranny.  They abandoned old principles, myths, for short-term answers and pragmatism.  Sweet child, haven't you been listening?  We're like a craftily plotted novel -- echoing both Ancient and Modern Greece.  At least decadent Rome had the excuse of barbarian invasion.  Took them 400 years.  We're doing it in 50.


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