Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Horseman

At first glance it doesn't work, this being the time of the First, of Four, Horsemen.  But the first is Conquest, and we are indeed being conquered.  After all, the necessary counterpart of conquest is capitulation.  And we have capitulated.  War, Famine, and Death, in their turn.

Bradley E Manning, heroic patriot whistleblower, announced Tues that he is now Chelsey E Manning.  Whether or not the E still stands for Edward is unreported.  He is now by self-declaration a female, and per his statement wishes that "you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun (except in official mail to the confinement facility)."

Oh, when I said he was "patriotic" I must have meant to the world, rather than to such an outmoded paternalistic idea as a nation.  So I must have meant he was matriotic.  And when I said "heroic", it would have been one of those different strokes things, what's right for some may not be right for others.  And when I said whistleblower I would not have been referring to penises or oral sex.  And when he says "confinement facility", he means prison.  And when you say she, you mean he.

Wikipedia now redirects "Bradley Manning" to "Chelsey Manning".  The change was made within a few hours of the press release.  Thus,  opening sentence: "Chelsea E. Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning, 17 December 1987)..."  Was there a legal name change?  Well, hasn't Manning demonstrated that there is no need of law?

Here Chelsey is when she was a little boy.
Mmm.  Hot!  I mean, don't get me wrong, she's too young of course, but if she were an adult I'd do her in a heartbeat.
OH! Woo hoo! Happy day!!  I dig a woman with a 5 inch clitoris.

The Wikipedia article has already shifted all the HEs to SHEs.  That was fast.  SLATE knows a dame when it sees one; there, properly, Manning is Womanning.  NPR  avoids pronouns, calling Manning Manning throughout their reportage.  Very cowardly and insensitive of them.  Fascists. They should be killed.

You can change your mind, you can change your name.  You can change your underwear, for panties.  You can't change your sex.

But.  I apologize.  Especially about that clitoris thing.  I should strive to repel rather than embrace vulgarity and the delusion and wantonness around me.  I should resist rather than comply with the abandonment of all former standards of sanity.  But I am unhinged.  We have lost.  I think it's over.  Obama, in his sermons about what America is, making sure to always include in his formula, "no matter the color of our skin, or [insert verbiage] ... or who we love..."  The Wikipresident.  QED.

So, in Oklahoma, two black teens and a white boy shot a jogger in the back.  Death to tourists!

James Francis Edwards, age 15 (second from left), one of the bored boys ... teens, recently tweeted: "90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM." Another reads, "Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:)"  Per the Urban Dictionary, "woods" is "a  derogatory term used to portray dumb white boys."  Good to know.  I wish there were some term appropriate to portray murderous racist teens.  And thank you, Media, for making our teens so civic minded, what with their following important current event stories the way this boy must have done, re Zimmerman. "Nigga of chief keef don't drop almighty SOSA or something by #Monday I'ma put hands on every wood I see until they drop lol."  Now, I confess I don't understand the specific meaning intended here (SOSA is perhaps "cocaine that is meant to be snorted from a stripper's buttcrack.").  Just the general tone.
 Go Army.  James also tweeted: "I see death around the Coner".  Well, teens can be a bit macabre.  It's a maturity thing.  Same thing: "Some say ima be dead or in jail by the time I'm 18. But the only problem there is...#i shoot first,and I got bond money!: so sorry to burst your bubble."  A sense of destiny and invulnerability.  I was the same way.  On Aug 13 -- why that's only 3 days before his little outing with his little friends! -- James tweeted: "With my niggas when it's time to start taken life's"  I like to tweet my location too! "In Starbucks sucking a rad joe!"

 James is the one who was dancing and laughing as he was being booked.  So he's got talent and a sense of humor, too. I trust it will serve him well in his confinement facility.  It's not all fun and games, though.  He's broken the heart of Rachel Padilla, his sister (from uhnothuh mothuh?): 
Think, son ... think!  But at least his moms, Brenda M, is a happy person.
The notable and noble thing about women like this (as I have intimate cause to know) is that they balance out their having abortions with having babies ... they are fruitful and multiply!  Drugs and crime and having babies ... how well I remember her.  Brenda should have gone into the Army.  Makes a woman out of you!  

What did Fairness & Justice spokesperson The Reverend Al Sharpton opine on this issue? Quote: *crickets*

Above, among the mug shots, the man on the left -- practically anonymous thrill-kill victim Christopher Lane -- was not available for comment.

 Death is not soon enough for this world.  We just have to plod through War and Famine.  Hasten the way.


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