Thursday, April 28, 2016


I stopped writing so prolifically here when the Occupant assumed the presidency. When that person was reappointed by you stupid, stupid Americans, the heart went out of me. I think many things now, which would be worth recording, but dismay has dumbfounded me. But, to persevere.

That the Republicans should be so feckless as to bring Trump to the fore … have we learned nothing? We’ve heard an imperious mountebank say anything at all, as long as it promoted his cause, whatever it might have been (anti-American exceptionalism). We know now without any ambiguity what was meant by “Hope and Change”. Hope that our enemies are our friends. Change the definition of marriage. So obvious, now. But since we are stupid, stupid, stupid Americans, who never learn and become more and more decadent, only, then we must follow after the next loudmouth demagogue who says just anything that we idiots wish to hear.

No record, no achievements, other than adultery, bankruptcy and self-promotion. Wealth from, what? Casinos? It is an obvious if cheap question, who did the building in Trump’s developments? Illegal aliens? The facile, knee-jerk populist tropes he spews and spouts – he’ll make Mexico build a wall … he’ll end Islamism in a couple of weeks … just believe you him, it’ll be great – how very cheap, such talk. And now, since there is no Republican party, only American morons, this charlatan is the likely candidate. Against Hillary? What a nightmare.

 Someone texted me, who would I vote for if it’s Trump-Hillary. I replied, would you rather eat your own shit or someone else’s puke. Something like that.

 I’ve not been following it. I don’t like pornography because I do not like slutishness. But Cruz seems like a solid candidate. I’m not sure what the complaint against him is. He’s, um, an insider? Is that it? Can that be right? If so, boy, are you dumb. But of course you are dumb. America, land of the free lunch and home of the brave front. Idiots. You have pissed away the legacy, traded your heritage for a mess of pottage, or pot.

 I had thought that the convention might produce some common sense, but some poll said that eighty precent of Republicans thought the delegates should be bound by the first choice. A new thing under the sun. When I saw the map of how it breaks down (that is the correct phrase) by state, lo! The red states go for Cruz and the blue states, which REPUBLICANS WILL NOT WIN IN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, go to Trump. The states that will lose the election for us are the states that are selecting our candidate. Therefore, might we suppose that NOT being bound by the first ballot at the convention would be a more prudent tactic?

 In this most recent Tuesday’s primaries, Trump won all five. All is not lost, but the Romney debacle taught me to face likelihoods more realistically. We shall not hope against hope. We, whoever we are, should work as we are willing, because otherwise the terrorists and liberals will have won.

And that’s probably why I’ve bothered to write this. Remember that phrase, the terrorists will have won? They did. Somehow Bush led to Obama, who has led us here. That so called war against so called terror somehow so unmanned us that we became as thoroughly decadent as the islamists said we were. Our institutions are destroyed, so how have the terrorists not destroyed us? The fall of two important buildings in NYC was all it took. Like Samson and the pillars of the temple of Dagon. Fifteen years down the line, and we find we have lost our country.

 I have an old cat who pukes on my bed. I buy old-cat food, but guess I’ll try sensitive-stomach. It’s a hassle, and I curse, but I can’t be angry with her. She’s 14 or so, and she likes me. We have to be patient, and gentle.

 Do I seem inconsistent?


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