Friday, December 16, 2005

Trinity (seriouser still)

Moved here, to Historic Christianity.


paul asjes said...

thank you for this post. i love it.

Jack H said...

Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes it's easy to pick out the things that matter.



ELAshley said...

As to those poor pygmies, God wrote His law on our hearts, did He not? That's what they'll be judged by.

Love this blog, btw... I've added you to my blogroll.

Jack H said...

That question is what this blog was named for.

We don't and cannot know the details of everyone's journey. I think, and it's just a made-up theory, that the struggle of every person mirrors the history of humanity. At first we're judged by law - written or engraved in our hearts. Then we are judged by our response to the Spirit - a hearing not of the ears but the soul.

Ah well. Thanks for the kind thought.