Thursday, January 5, 2006

Base Metal

I've done extensive original work in the field of ancient chronology -- a dry and fascinating subject. It occurs to me that I might post an article I wrote dealing with my ideas on a revised chronology for the Levant from the days of Sodom to the Exodus. The article itself is self-contained, with brief explanatory comments on the much broader applications -- which are published elsewhere. Since the piece is about twenty-four thousand words in length, replete with very complex charts and tables, I'm not posting it here. But any reader interested may access "The Age of Base Metal: a new biblical paradigm for the Early & Middle Bronze Age in Palestine" by clicking here.

This has proven quite difficult to post, so the individual links are here:

Part One: Early Bronze
Table I: Chronology from Abraham to Joshua
Table III: Comprehensive Correlation of Timelines
Part Two: Middle Bronze
Part Three: Cities
Table VI: Survey of Cities

Ta da!

Again, this is a highly specialized topic, not designed for the general reader, and although I've made it as clear as I can, a case is proven in the detail, and detail can be BORING and CONFUSING. Upshot: not light reading. At all. On the other hand, I've just been going over Part Three, and it is quite interesting. Any student or scholar who has evidence, comments or queries on this subject is invited to contact me.


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