Friday, March 17, 2006


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Rit Banulski said...

Your words and ideas need to be disseminated. I've read Fallaci's two latest books and they are wake-up calls to the West. But will we wake up before we get to the point of no return?

You write beautifully. Keep it up.

Jack H said...

Well thank you. Many candles make a great light. We each do our part. As for whether or not we'll get it, wake up, an individual's conclusion will depend on his starting worldview. In terms of the raw forces of history, we are doomed. Clearly in decadence. The only clear voices are the USA and Australia, and they have quite a bit of disharmony, about purpose. The rest of the world has already caved. From a religious point of view, such a conflict a this is the subject of prophecy, and if so, why not now? Interesting times, eh?