Thursday, March 16, 2006

Elam: a reconstructed chronology

So I've posted another rather technical article, Elam: a reconstructed chronology, again dealing with my, um, reconstruction of ancient, uh, chronology, from the Old Babylonian era thru the Neo-Assyrians. This is a test case study, and I don't expect there would be a general interest in the topic. But it is a powerful validation of my theory - in perfect consonance with the ideas outlined in The Age of Base Metal, which deals with the chronology of the ancient Middle East, specifically the Early and Middle Bronze Age. Both of these articles are part of my broader work in ancient chronology, contained in Most Ancient Days and The Days of Brass and Iron. These works have a high level of interest to any serious biblical scholar, as well as anyone with a general interest in ancient history.

As I might have expected, this proved to be difficult to post - especially the table, Correlation of Elamite Timelines. It comes out pretty sloppy, to my eye (click refresh, if the grid doesn't show up the first time). Ah well ... I try.


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